16 July 2019

USQ Springfield offers local schools a radio opportunity

Lunchbox is a one hour radio show that is all about your school and your wider local community, provided by the University of Southern Queensland, Springfield Campus.


Lunchbox provides a platform for schools and students to present a lunchtime radio show:-

The program is provided and designed to:

Engage primary or high school students to present a 60 minute radio program at lunch time, streamed live and podcast for alternative listening.

Share what is happening at your school. Some of the history, features and future via the program.

Engage stakeholders of the school to be interviewed and provide the listeners information about your school, the place and the people who make it a community.

Lunchbox provides a rich experience for students to present content, conduct interviews, present and to bring their personality to the airwaves. It is delivered through Phoenix Radio – 1197am, DAB + and online. Each show will be podcast, so students can share the content or listen to again and again.

Dates for Lunchbox

Dates Record time between Broadcast live on-air

22 July - 20 September 2019 9:00 am - 11:00 am 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm 
14 October - 15 November 2019 9:00 am - 11:00 am 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Monday to Thursday: Schools would be offered to link with USQ Springfield studio from their school.

Friday: Local schools or schools who would like to make the trip, would be offered the opportunity to come on campus and record from the USQ studio.

Schools, teachers and students will be given guidelines about Lunchbox. During the broadcast your students can tell the listeners about your school, your community through segments such as where my school is located, my school and my town and the important events that are coming up.

The program will be structured and a template provided to each participating school. The format is as follows:

Show opener
Student introduction to the school and local area
Song 1 (student choice)
The story of my School (key information about the school, what it is known for, number of students, etc.)
Song 2 (student choice)
About my town segment (aimed at giving a general overview historically and generally)
Song 3 (student choice)
Meet the people 1 (guest interview) Meet the people 1 (guest interview)
Song 4 (student choice)
Meet the people 2 (guest interview)
Song 5 or live performance / school band or vocalist (student choice)
Meet the people 3 / Health - What’s in your lunchbox segment (guest interview)
Major events or coming event to promote - live
Song 6 or live performance / school band or vocalist (student choice)
Thank you and Good-bye

Each school will have four to six people directly involved in producing and presenting the show. The students will need to research and write up scripts for each segment and can be creative in how the show is presented. (USQ will provide some guidance around process). 

If they can record some location pieces, files can be sent to the studio for inclusion. These can be captured on a Smart phone or other recording device. Students will be ideally given access to Skype or a hands-free telephone at the school and dial into the studio.

USQ will ensure guests are booked and briefed for their registered allocated date and time and will panel the show from the USQ Springfield studio.

Please contact David Silk on (07) 3470 4154 or email

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