09 July 2019

New Ipswich Divisional Electoral Boundaries announced for March 2020

The State Government has announced new Divisional electoral boundaries for the City of Ipswich for next year's March local government election.

David Morrison
The 10 electoral divisions, which have existed since 1979, have been scrapped and replaced by 4 Divisions, each with 2 councillors.

In the eastern suburbs, Division 1 previously held by David Morrison, has been combined with Division 2 previously held by Paul Tully into a new, super large Division 2. 

The new Division 2 also includes several suburbs from the former Division 9 held by Sheila Ireland.

Paul Tully
The new Division 2 will comprise:

  • Most of the former Division 1 (Brookwater, Camira, Carole Park, Springfield, Springfield Central and Springfield Lakes);
  • Most of the former Division 2 (Augustine Heights, Bellbird Park, Gailes and Goodna - but not Redbank; and
  • Most of the former Division 9 (Springfield Central, Springfield Lakes and the new suburb of Spring Mountain).
Sheila Ireland
The most-unusual new boundary is the proposed Division 1 which will run from Redbank Plains in the east, out to Grandchester and Mt Mort in the far west of the City, adjoining the Lockyer Valley - a distance of 48km.

One of the legal requirements for new boundaries is to ensure that "communities of interest" are identified and protected. 

It is hard to see what possible common community of interest the people of Grandchester and Calvert are likely to have with the voters of Redbank Plains.

It is even worse for the other half of the western sector of the city which is serviced by the town of Rosewood.

Rosewood, Tallegalla and Marburg are now included with Chuwar and Karalee in the new Division 4 - a total distance of 37km.

David Pahlke
The western, rural sector of the city is one large community of interest previously serviced by David Pahlke in Division 10 since 1995 but has now been completely broken up.

The other bizarre proposed boundary is the new Division 4 which will stretch from Redbank and Collingwood Park in the east to Leichhardt and One Mile in Ipswich's western suburbs.

Whatever bureaucrat dreamed up these boundaries has no understanding of the City of Ipswich or the clear communities of interest which have been the mainstay and fabric of our city for decades.

Maps of the proposed new Ipswich Council Divisions for March 2020:

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