28 June 2019

Barista coffees becoming more creative in Ipswich and hopefully the rest of Australia


Creative coffees being served at the Leaf Cafe Goodna
The Leaf Cafe at Queen St Goodna is home to the latest creative Australian art in the form of meticulously prepared fresh barista-made coffee images.

Forget your boring, standard squiggles on coffees around Australia as the Leaf Cafe becomes even more creative with its coffee image designs.

This week, the Leaf Cafe served me a very creative Panda Bear image - at least it looked like that to me - with liberal lashings of fresh cocoa.

One wag, Brian Algeo from Bellbird Park suggested it was a good likeness!

Under the ownership of Fiona (pictured), this new form of modern Australian art at the Leaf Cafe in downtown Goodna brings even greater pleasure for coffee aficionados across the nation.

Paul Tully and Leaf Cafe owner Fiona
Let's hope all baristas around Australia, from the upmarket coffee shops in Hamilton and Ascot in Brisbane to the alleyways of the Melbourne City Centre join the bandwagon of creative coffee presentation.

From the boardrooms of Telstra, BHP and even the  7, 9 and 10 networks - and maybe even the ABC under the stewardship of Ita Buttrose - all Aussie coffee drinkers should rise as one, to demand truly creative coffees - nothing more, nothing less!

The Leaf Cafe:
12 Queen St Goodna Queensland

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