08 March 2017

Augustine Heights tops Ipswich urban land values

Augustine Heights: Highest urban
land valuation across Ipswich,
 reflecting major growth across
the suburb.
Ipswich non-rural land values have increased by 13.06% during the past 2 years, according to official figures released by the Queensland Valuer-General.

Augustine Heights now has the highest average urban land valuation of $285,669 across the city’s 82 suburbs, reflecting major development in the suburb since 2015, just outstripping Ripley’s average valuation of $279,712.

The city’s average non-rural land valuation is $205,171.

South Ripley recorded the highest percentage increase of 29.31% followed by Ripley 29.2%, Camira 24.98%, Deebing Heights 23.76% and Springfield 23.53%.

Ipswich’s eastern suburbs scored increases of 20.24% at Augustine Heights, 19.98% at Bellbird Park, 19.41% at Springfield Lakes and 18.83% at Brookwater.

Blacksoil went backwards by minus 3.6% compared with the 2015 valuation.

The top 10 increases for urban land across Ipswich showing the average land value in those suburbs:

South Ripley              29.31%            $269,167
Ripley                          29.20%            $279,712
Camira                         24.98%            $240,430
Deebing Heights        23.76%            $237,510
Springfield                   23.53%            $250,247
Augustine Heights      20.24%            $285,669
Bellbird Park               19.98%             $210,117
Springfield Lakes       19.41%             $222,143
Brookwater                  18.83%             No individual valuations
West Ipswich               17.72%             $273,268

20 February 2017

Augustine Heights scores highest increase in Ipswich home prices

The Ipswich suburb of Augustine Heights has recorded the highest increase in house and land prices in the past year. 

According to the latest data by CoreLogic, prices in Augustine Heights increased 11.3% with a median house price at a record high of $540,000.

Karalee had the second highest percentage boost in the past 12 months of 9.9%  with median sale prices of $549,500.

These suburbs just eclipsed increases of 9.4% in Eastern Heights and 8.5% in Camira.

Pine Mountain scored the highest median sale price across Ipswich of $570,000 with a 6% boost in the past year.

The booming residential suburbs of Springfield and Ripley had increases of 6.1% and 5.8% respectively.

Goodna, the most-seriously flood affected suburb in southeast Queensland in 2011, continued its recovery with a 6.7% increase in median house prices of $309,500.

The prestigious suburb of Brookwater was not included in the data as there were fewer than 20 house and land sales in the past year.

Ipswich Deputy Mayor Paul Tully said the latest data was good news for Ipswich.

Cr Tully said the city's population had hit 200,000 last month and the economic strength of the western corridor was confirmed by the new house and land figures.

"These latest increases in the past year represent a significant boost for Ipswich residents and ratepayers.

"Ipswich has the highest growth rate of any city in Queensland and we are on the threshold of major development and residential activity over the next 20 years," Cr Tully said.

09 February 2017

Goodna property sale for $4.15 million brings renewed confidence

The property at Brisbane Rd Goodna 
which sold for $4.15 million. 
Property prices in Goodna are rapidly bouncing back following the disastrous 2011 Brisbane River flood. 

A major commercial sale announced this week in the heart of Goodna has shown renewed investor confidence in the suburb. 

Goodna was the worst-affected suburb in southeast Queensland in 2011 with 600 residential and commercial properties destroyed in the second highest flood in 118 years. 

Confirmation of the bounce back has come with the sale of the Cash Coverters and Repco outlets for $4.15 million. 

The property is adjacent to McDonald's at 179 Brisbane Rd and adjoins the Ipswich Mwy. 

It last sold in 2006 for $3.1 million.

The development has been bought by a Melbourne investor from its current New Zealand based owner. 
The Goodna property under water at
the height of the January 2011 flood. 

Richard Blanch of Colliers International said there were a number of challenges with attracting offers of an acceptable level for the vendor, particularly the stigma around the 2011 flood.

“Everyone is acutely aware of the effect the flood had on Goodna, but what a cursory glance doesn’t show is the faith both tenants have in the location," he said.

“The Goodna store is one of Cash Converters’ strongest performers and both tenants re-signed long term leases post the flood.

“Few sites in Goodna offer the same sort of branding exposure to the Ipswich Motorway. This along with the tenants’ faith in the catchment, it gave the purchaser comfort to transact."

Ipswich Deputy Mayor, Goodna-based Councillor Paul Tully described the sale as "phenomenal" and said the suburb's bounce back was a strong indication of a bright future. 

Cr Tully said house prices in Goodna were continuing to rise six years after the flood. 

"Goodna is identified a major activity centre under the state government's SEQ regional plan and this latest commercial sale is the best indicator of the ongoing resurgence since 2011."

Cr Tully predicted Goodna property prices would double in the next 10 years as investor confidence in the suburb continued. 

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07 February 2017

Major parkland improvements at Bellbird Park lead to better environment

Cr Paul Tully at Annaballe Park and
Moodai Reserve at Bellbird Park
Media Release: Park upgrade at Bellbird Park

Work has commenced on major enhancements to Annabelle Park and Moodai Reserve in Jones Road Bellbird Park.

Two new footbridges and a network of pathways are included in the $300,000 project at the adjoining bushland reserves.

Deputy Mayor and Division 2 Councillor Paul Tully said the adjacent parks were in a prime location for local residents to enjoy and the improvements would secure the environmental reserves for future generations.

“The combined 6.2 hectares were originally set aside for recreation use by the former Moreton Shire Council over 40 years ago and remained largely unchanged except for embellishments of park equipment and walkways to Annabelle Park."

Cr Tully said these significant works would give the local community the opportunity to own it and use it.

“Nearby residential development in Bellbird Park make it the right time to provide new and enhanced facilities within the park and reserve and improve the visual safety and amenity of the area."

Also included in the project is a multi-purpose half court with basketball backboard and hoop.

“A BMX pump track, concrete paths and a series of gravel walking tracks will round out stage one with thick undergrowth and weed infestation being removed."

Cr Tully said Moodai Reserve had become a dumping ground in years gone by with regular bushfires.

It was estimated work would be completed by mid-2017 and he thanked residents for their patience during construction.

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17 January 2017

Shark warning sign erected at Goodna Boat Ramp

Media Release: It’s no bull, beware of sharks in Brisbane River

Media Release - Ipswich City Councillor Paul Tully

A NEW sign warning of the danger of sharks in the Brisbane River has been erected at the Goodna Boat ramp off Brisbane Terrace.

Deputy Mayor and Division 2 Councillor Paul Tully said the sign reminded river users of the presence of sharks in the river.

“A lot of people may be unaware that in fact there is a proliferation of bull sharks in this reach of Brisbane River,” Cr Tully said.

“I have had reports of people being nipped by bull sharks as far up as Colleges Crossing.

“Bull sharks are aggressive and prefer murky and shallow waters, so it is particularly important for people to take extra care when using the boat ramp.

“Bull sharks are particularly active in the summer months, mostly around dawn and dusk, so I encourage people to heed the warning by being careful when using the boat ramp and not swimming in the river.”

Cr Tully said boaties, water skiers and jet ski users needed to be particularly careful.

“I’ve seen young children with water up to their chests helping to launch boats at Goodna.

“Bull sharks are prevalent and can be very aggressive and have been the cause of several fatal attacks in the Brisbane River and in canals on the Gold Coast,” Cr Tully said.

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