10 January 2016

Media Release: Online petition launched to force Receivers Ferrier Hodgson to honour Dick Smith Gift Cards

Dick Smith in the glory days!

An online petition has been launched to force the receivers of Australia and New Zealand's 393 Dick Smith stores to honour all gift cards sold by the chain.

Thousands of angry customers around Australia have vented their anger on social media after the cards were dishonoured when the receivers Ferrier Hodgson took control on January 4.

Petition organiser Ipswich councillor Paul Tully said the actions of Ferrier Hodgson were "totally un-Australian and made Scrooge look like a benevolent Christmas character".

Cr Tully said the decision by the receivers had embarrassed people who had given and received gifts.

"One disabled Ipswich boy was thrilled to receive a $100 gift voucher which is now worthless and he has become very distressed over the ordeal.

"The receivers have acted in a cavalier and unreasonable manner and should hang their heads in shame at what they have done to all the mums and dads, kids and battlers around Australia and New Zealand.

"I challenge them to come down out of their capital city ivory towers and meet the people who have been affected by their unilateral decision six days ago.

"A hundred dollars is a lot of money to many Australian families but to Ferrier Hodgson it might cover half of a senior partner's regular lunch bill.

"It's a pity when corporations make technical legal decisions without any serious regard to the moral rights and wrongs involved."

Cr Tully said Ferrier Hodgson could reverse the decision to dishonour the gift cards with the stroke of a pen.

"They are happy to continue taking money across the counter but won't honour gift cards bought in good faith across the two countries," Cr Tully said.

The online petition can be accessed at


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