29 March 2016

New Bellbird Park State High School to open in 300 days

Cr Paul Tully inspects the site of the new Bellbird Park State
High School on Jones Rd which is due to open in January 2017.
In 300 days, the new Bellbird Park State High School will open its doors.

With 10 months to go, the site on Jones Rd is a rush of activity with earthworks well underway and construction of the first building about to commence.

Ipswich City Council has partnered with the adjoining Brentwood residential developer Investa to upgrade 800 metres of Jones Rd including new traffic signals at Harris St, school bus zones and footpath extensions.

Division 2 councillor Paul Tully welcomed the school project saying it would be a major boost for students and parents in the local area and would relieve pressure on nearby Redbank Plains State High School.

Cr Tully said when the footpath missing link was completed later this year it would provide a continuous footpath/bikeway connection from Riverview through Goodna to Springfield Lakes.

Cr Tully recalled the early 1980s when a coal mining company wanted to establish an open cut coal mine at Bellbird Park including the future school site.

"The Prevention of Urban Mining Association (PUMA) was formed and eventually stopped that idiotic plan for a coal mine in a residential area.

"Two of PUMA's leading advocates were local resident Jeff Collins and lawyer David Walker after whom streets were later named in the Brentwood estate," Cr Tully said.

Parents who wish to enquire about the new school including the associated catchment area should call the Department of Education and Training on 3028 8166.

07 March 2016

Pre-Poll voting starts 9am today for Ipswich Council election on Saturday 19 March

If you will be away or working or otherwise not able to vote on election day, you can cast a pre-poll vote in Ipswich, Springfield Central or Brisbane.  Details below:

24 February 2016

Goodna is set to grow under major revitalisation plan announced by Mayor Paul Pisasale and Cr Paul Tully

DEVELOPMENT: Cr Paul Tully and Mayor Paul Pisasale unveil the new
  Welcome to Goodna sign and announce plans to revitalise the
Goodna town centre development.
GOODNA is set to become a thriving commercial centre, after the Ipswich City Council updated the town plan to open the way for significant development opportunities.

Cr Pisasale, along with Goodna-based councillor Paul Tully, unveiled a new 'Welcome to Goodna' sign at the Queen St roundabout to symbolise the suburb's imminent transformation and endorse its location as a gateway to the city.

Automated flood warning signs erected at Goodna

EARLY WARNING: Goodna Councillor Paul Tully
(left) launches the new flood signs at Goodna with
Shane Barnes from SEQ UHF
Emergency Services Team.
TWO of Goodna's most notorious flash-flooding hotspots have been fitted with digital flood detectors and warning signs.

Local area councillor Paul Tully pushed for the installation of the warning signs following countless floods on Smiths Rd and Albert St over the years.

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17 February 2016

Cr Paul Tully gets Jones Road upgrade moving at Bellbird Park

Cr Paul Tully
Residents in Division 2 can look forward to an upgraded Jones Rd when the new Bellbird Park High School opens in 2017.

Local Councillor Paul Tully said the arrangements for the new Bellbird Park High School included the upgrade of Jones Rd and were negotiated between the state government, Ipswich City Council and the developer in 2014.

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21 years on: Paul Tully vs the French Government

When Goodna councillor Paul Tully smashed French champagne bottles opposite the Ipswich Turf Club 21 years ago it was a declaration of war.

It was a war then French president Jacques Chirac was to lose and Cr Tully and like-minded people around the world would win.

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Ralph Breaden honoured

From left, Cr Sheila Ireland, Cr Paul Tully,
Ralph Breaden and Cr David Morrison.
The President of the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce has been honoured with a personal park naming at Augustine Heights.

Ralph Breaden was acknowledged this morning at a Chamber Breakfast at Springfield Lakes for the work he and the Chamber of Commerce have done in the Springfield area

Addressing the meeting, Division 2 Councillor Paul Tully congratulated Ralph Breaden on his personal efforts to invigorate the Chamber.

"Ralph is an energetic person who has the local community at heart and this is a fitting tribute to him and his family," Cr Tully said.

The new park is located at Conte Circuit Augustine Heights and is a prominent feature of the new Stockland estate currently being developed.

The higher parts of the development have views of the Brisbane CBD.

11 January 2016

Paul Tully: It's time to settle the Brisbane and Bremer Rivers flood class action out-of-court


Lowe Street Goodna
An emotional call has been made on the 5th anniversary of the 2011 flood for the state government, Seqwater and Sunwater to settle the billion dollar flood class action without the need for expensive court hearings “where the only real winners will be the lawyers”.

The class action - the largest ever commenced in Australia - was commenced in the NSW Supreme Court in 2014 by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers on behalf of over 5000 flood victims in southeast Queensland.

In 2012 when the report of the Floods Commission of Inquiry was handed down both the government and opposition said they would act as model litigants in the event of a class action.

Ipswich councillor Paul Tully, a victim of the flood, said the claimants have recently had their case delayed until at least 2017 by a judge in Sydney.

Goodna's Pillar of Courage
Cr Tully said it could be 10 years after the flood before a decision was made with an appeal to the High Court possible by the losing party.

“These are real people still suffering financially and emotionally and any further delays are totally unacceptable.

Yellow is the 2011 flood
level.  The very top, in
purple, was the 1893
flood level at
“Flood victims deserve a prompt settlement of their claims without the need for expensive courtroom litigation where the only real winners will be the lawyers.”

Cr Tully urged the state government and Seqwater to look for a way to settle the class action without any further prevarication or delay.

“The battlers who lost everything in the flood don’t care about self-serving claims of innocence by Seqwater or technical legal defences by their lawyers.

“All they want is a fair go with proper compensation so they can finally move on with their lives,” Cr Tully said.

10 January 2016

Media Release: Online petition launched to force Receivers Ferrier Hodgson to honour Dick Smith Gift Cards

Dick Smith in the glory days!

An online petition has been launched to force the receivers of Australia and New Zealand's 393 Dick Smith stores to honour all gift cards sold by the chain.

Thousands of angry customers around Australia have vented their anger on social media after the cards were dishonoured when the receivers Ferrier Hodgson took control on January 4.

Petition organiser Ipswich councillor Paul Tully said the actions of Ferrier Hodgson were "totally un-Australian and made Scrooge look like a benevolent Christmas character".

Cr Tully said the decision by the receivers had embarrassed people who had given and received gifts.

"One disabled Ipswich boy was thrilled to receive a $100 gift voucher which is now worthless and he has become very distressed over the ordeal.

"The receivers have acted in a cavalier and unreasonable manner and should hang their heads in shame at what they have done to all the mums and dads, kids and battlers around Australia and New Zealand.

"I challenge them to come down out of their capital city ivory towers and meet the people who have been affected by their unilateral decision six days ago.

"A hundred dollars is a lot of money to many Australian families but to Ferrier Hodgson it might cover half of a senior partner's regular lunch bill.

"It's a pity when corporations make technical legal decisions without any serious regard to the moral rights and wrongs involved."

Cr Tully said Ferrier Hodgson could reverse the decision to dishonour the gift cards with the stroke of a pen.

"They are happy to continue taking money across the counter but won't honour gift cards bought in good faith across the two countries," Cr Tully said.

The online petition can be accessed at


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