01 February 2015

ECQ gaffe: Election count in Lockyer is incorrect, says Tully

Lockyer's election candidates are Clare Rudkin,
 Ian Rickuss, Steve Leese, David Neuendorf a
nd Pauline Hanson.
UPDATE at 11.00am

The ECQ has removed the wrong information from its website.

The count in the seat of Lockyer has been stuffed up by the Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ) on their website, claims Cr Paul Tully.

This morning the ECQ site has the two-party preferred count as a contest between the LNP's Ian Rickuss and Katter's Australian Party (KAP) candidate David Neuendorf, when it should be between the LNP and One Nation's Pauline Hanson.

Mr Rickuss has polled 33.06% of the primary vote with Ms Hanson in second spot on 27.6% of the primary vote after 71.76% of the count.

Mr Neuendorf has only 7.51% of the primary vote and is well behind.

Cr Paul Tully, Queensland's leading election expert, sent ABC election analyst Antony Green a message to alert him to the error.

"The ECQ has got the two-party preferred figure entirely wrong in Lockyer," Cr Tully said. "They have the final contest as being between the LNP and KAP when it is really between the LNP and One Nation parties.

"To show how stupid their mistake is, in the two party preferred final figure they have got Ian Rickuss on 7130 votes, when he actually received 7809 primary votes."

The ECQ will no doubt fix this in due course today.

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