30 January 2015

Insurance pain for friends who lost everything in house fire at Goodna

Crystal, Sophia Ale and Dolores in front of the rental
property that was destroyed in Goodna overnight.
A GROUP of young friends moving into a new home in Goodna has lost all their possessions in a fire that destroyed one third of the house.

The four women were not covered by insurance as they had stored their belongings in the garage, intending to take over the lease from another group of friends and move in next week.

Both groups were caught out as the garage of the O'Dea Crescent home was completely destroyed by the fire that ripped through the home within half an hour from 6.30pm on Wednesday.

A former tenant and two women intending to move in were inspecting the gutted home yesterday.

The garage was full of the blackened remnants of beds, fridges, couches, tables, washing machines and microwave ovens.
House fire on O'Dea Crescent, Goodna
 on Wednesday evening.
Friends Crystal, 21, and Dolores, 19, who asked for their surnames not to be published, said they had lost everything.

"No one was in the house for two days," Crystal said.

"We just stored our things there until we could sign a new lease. We're just lucky no lives were lost, that's the main thing."

Dolores, 19, a tourism student at Griffith University, said she was heartbroken that her keepsakes from motivational speaking she had done for teenagers and her childhood photos were lost.

"All of my memories of where I have spoken is in the house and my dad just came back from Spain and brought back photos of me when I was little, that's all gone. I literally have nothing and I don't have family around here," she said.
The rental property on O'Dea Crescent that
 was destroyed by fire overnight.

Former resident Sophia Ale said the agent had completed an inspection on the day the fire broke out.

"I took my clothes with me but most of the furniture we hadn't moved to our new place, now it's all gone," Ms Ale said.

Camira Station Officer Mark Walker said by the time fire crews arrived, the blaze was well lit. The fire was extinguished about 7pm.

For donations of white goods or furniture, phone 0413 620 817.


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