28 January 2015

Augusta Parkway at Augustine Heights earns title of Ipswich's busiest suburban road

Augusta Pwy,
Augustine Heights /
WHEN Cr Paul Tully moved to Goodna 40 years ago, Redbank Plains Rd was a dirt road.

Now it's one of the city's busiest roads, demanding more upgrades on and around the once back road that feeds on to Augusta Parkway.

Cr Bromage said the highest volume council road in Ipswich currently was Augusta Parkway at Brookwater along the section south of Technology Dr.

"In 2014, the daily traffic count for this section of road was 23,221 vehicles up from 18,735 vehicles in 2011," Cr Bromage said.

Cr Tully said it made sense that Augusta Parkway and Redbank Plains Rd were two busiest suburban streets in the city.

"It's not surprising, given the amount of development in the Springfield region, but also around Bellbird Park and Redbank Plains," Cr Tully said.

"Council upgraded Augusta Parkway to a four-lane road five years ago and we try to monitor these trends to ensure that traffic lights are provided, roundabouts are provided so it doesn't become a bottleneck for motorists.

"But we're going to see a progressive upgrade of roads. It's good to have the Centenary Highway to Springfield, which has been four-laned, but it will eventually have to be four-laned to the Ripley Valley.

"So I think you'll not only see a continuous period of growth in the city, you'll see upgrading of major roads, like when the Ipswich Motorway was upgraded."

The Centenary Highway will have to be upgraded, but also the major link roads such as Redbank Plains Rd and Augusta Parkway.

"The growth has been absolutely phenomenal and that's why we're progressively putting traffic lights at key intersections," Cr Tully said.

"But that Redbank Plains area is continuing to boom; like the expansion of the shopping centre.

"Augusta Parkway has now got really good links into Springfield like Sinnathamby Bld and Eden Station Dr. And the new one that's just been partially opened is the extension of Collingwood Dr from Collingwood Park to Redbank Plains.

"A lot of these bigger roads need to be progressively upgraded but you need links between the major roads.

"I think we're doing pretty well with that."

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