31 January 2015

5000 votes across key Queensland seats to determine election outcome

Ipswich Labor councillor Paul Tully - a well known numbers man for the ALP - predicts just 5000 votes across Queensland in key seats could decide the election.

Cr Tully correctly predicted Labor would only win seven seats in the 2012 poll.

Cr Tully said the ALP could win office in a hung parliament with the support of a "block of four" independent and Katter Australia Party MPs, holding the balance of power.

He predicts the LNP will fall one seat short of winning government in their own right.

Cr Paul Tully
Cr Tully, believes Labor has a strong chance of winning four other seats including Pumicestone, which has a margin of 12 per cent, Kallangur, 12.4 per cent and Pine Rivers, 13.7 per cent where the Opposition campaigned on Wednesday.

He predicts the ALP could win 41 seats, the LNP 44 seats and a block of four, including independents Chris Foley (Maryborough) and Peter Wellington (Nicklin) and two Katter's Australian Party MP could be the deciders in a hung parliament.

"It will come down to about 5000 votes in key seats," Cr Tully said.

"And a lot of those seats are going to be won by 100 or 200 votes," he said.

"I think it is going to be very, very close."

Polling booths open at 8am and close at 6pm.

Hung Parliament on the cards in Queensland


Paul Tully is predicting
 a hung parliament.
IPSWICH Labor identity Paul Tully is a psephologist (political number-cruncher) with a canny ability to predict polls more accurately than most. 

I’m afraid he has bad news for the LNP.

He says Annastacia Palaszczuk and the ALP have run a professional grassroots campaign that will “bring home the bacon” in Labor’s must-win seats like Brisbane Central, Mount Coot-tha, Ipswich and Ipswich West.

His tips: “I have the ALP on a reasonably comfortable 37 seats (meaning to win back 28 seats) with a reasonable likelihood of winning another four, for a total of 41.

“The LNP would be left with 44 seats, one seat short of an absolute majority in the parliament. There are likely to be two Katter Party MPs and two independents. As a party must win 45 seats to gain an absolute majority out of 89 seats, I predict the likelihood of a hung parliament.”

30 January 2015

Community Feature: Goodna Services Club - 32 Woogaroo St Goodna

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  • Wheelchair friendly
  • Undercover parking for patrons

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Insurance pain for friends who lost everything in house fire at Goodna

Crystal, Sophia Ale and Dolores in front of the rental
property that was destroyed in Goodna overnight.
A GROUP of young friends moving into a new home in Goodna has lost all their possessions in a fire that destroyed one third of the house.

The four women were not covered by insurance as they had stored their belongings in the garage, intending to take over the lease from another group of friends and move in next week.

Both groups were caught out as the garage of the O'Dea Crescent home was completely destroyed by the fire that ripped through the home within half an hour from 6.30pm on Wednesday.

A former tenant and two women intending to move in were inspecting the gutted home yesterday.

The garage was full of the blackened remnants of beds, fridges, couches, tables, washing machines and microwave ovens.
House fire on O'Dea Crescent, Goodna
 on Wednesday evening.
Friends Crystal, 21, and Dolores, 19, who asked for their surnames not to be published, said they had lost everything.

"No one was in the house for two days," Crystal said.

"We just stored our things there until we could sign a new lease. We're just lucky no lives were lost, that's the main thing."

Dolores, 19, a tourism student at Griffith University, said she was heartbroken that her keepsakes from motivational speaking she had done for teenagers and her childhood photos were lost.

"All of my memories of where I have spoken is in the house and my dad just came back from Spain and brought back photos of me when I was little, that's all gone. I literally have nothing and I don't have family around here," she said.
The rental property on O'Dea Crescent that
 was destroyed by fire overnight.

Former resident Sophia Ale said the agent had completed an inspection on the day the fire broke out.

"I took my clothes with me but most of the furniture we hadn't moved to our new place, now it's all gone," Ms Ale said.

Camira Station Officer Mark Walker said by the time fire crews arrived, the blaze was well lit. The fire was extinguished about 7pm.

For donations of white goods or furniture, phone 0413 620 817.


Mahatma Gandhi honoured in Ipswich today

Official unveiling of the Mahatma Gandhi Inspiration Bridge
 at Robelle Domain Springfield Central.
The Mahatma Gandhi Inspiration Bridge was officially named at Springfield Central today in the presence of the Indian Honorary Consul Archana Singh.

Congratulations to Maha Sinnathamby and James Varghese for bringing this project to fruition.

29 January 2015

Bookmakers have Labor's Jo-Ann Miller at unbackable odds of 100-to-1-on, in Bundamba

Jo-Ann Miller: Long odds-on
 to win again
With only hours to the state election, Labor's long-serving Member for Bundamba Jo-Ann Miller is at unbackable odds to retain her seat of Bundamba.

SportsBet has Jo-Ann Miller at $1.01 and the unseen LNP candidate Stephen Fenton at whopper odds of $12.00.

Jo-Ann Miller's odds are so short that a bet of $100 would return a total of just $101 to a keen punter like her larger-than-life electorate secretary Steve Axe. 

The bookies are also in it to win it - which accounts for the $12 they have on offer for the LNP.

Only a fool or a philanthropist would be backing the LNP at those odds.

By 6.15pm on election night, Jo-Ann Miller will be one of the first ALP members to be returned to Parliament.

Council laws help street preacher spread the word

Preacher Man: Pastor Cameron Guy
preaching his religious beliefs in the Ipswich
 Mall after arriving with a trolley load  of
his display materials.

A SELF-styled pastor and street preacher claims Ipswich City Council is preventing his right to freedom of speech.

Cameron Guy, who once tried to set up his own church, says the council won't let him preach on the street in Ipswich.

Pastor Guy said he had a permit to preach on the streets of the Gold Coast but Ipswich City Council wouldn't give him a permit.

He has recently started living in Brassall and has tried to preach in the Ipswich Mall.

"The council is impinging on my freedom of speech," said Pastor Guy, who has lived in Wacol.

"With the Gold Coast City Council, they have accepted everyone is entitled to have fun.

"There should be more buskers in the mall. There could be more public speakers."

He said when he went to preach in the mall last Thursday, a security guard told him: "It's private property, get out.

"I went up to the top of the mall and two police cars with five officers pulled up. They said: 'We know who you are; the inspector emailed us about you.'

"When I spoke to the sergeant, he said: 'Cameron, you don't need a public assembly permit; you're only one person.' I don't understand passing the buck to the police; it's a waste of their time."

"One of the police said the café was complaining about me. Where's the tolerance? At Surfer's Paradise people are more tolerant. I've got hundreds of people around me. You shouldn't need a licence to preach the word of God. I'm not asking for money."

Pastor Cameron Guy preaching his
religious beliefs in the Ipswich Mall.
Council response

THE official word is Pastor Guy can't preach in the mall because the council regards preaching in the same category as spruiking - and that isn't allowed in the mall.

Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully emailed Pastor Guy, throwing him what appeared to be a lifeline.

"My reading of Section 6 of Ipswich City Council Local Law 7 (in relation to a "permit regulated activity") and the provisions of the Queensland Peaceful Assembly Act 1992 is that no permit is required in the City of Ipswich for a person to speak or preach, in accordance with those provisions," Cr Tully said.

"There is a Pastor in my Division 2 who regularly does this at Queen St Goodna without any complaint. He has been doing this lawfully for a number of years, without a permit, but in accordance with the above local and State laws."

But the Ipswich Mall and surrounding areas are a different matter, as a council spokesman explained to the Queensland Times.

"All forms of spruiking, touting and hawking are prohibited in the Ipswich Mall, Union Place and d'Arcy Doyle Place under council's Local Laws," the spokesman said.

"These laws protect and promote business and commercial activity in the mall and enhance and foster the free access, movement, enjoyment and use of the mall by residents and visitors.

"It is not possible to obtain a permit to engage in spruiking, touting or hawking in the mall. Such activity is a prohibited.

"For the record, preaching is included in the definition of spruiking."

It is possible to apply for and be granted a permit to engage in busking in the mall. This is considered by the council to be a different activity to spruiking, hawking or touting.

"No busking permits are currently in operation or on issue," the spokesman said.

"Alternative sites that do not require a council permit for preaching may include local shopping centres provided the relevant centre owner approves.

"We believe Mr Guy's spruiking locations on the Gold Coast were in privately owned shopping centres."

It is not the first time a council has clamped down on Cameron Guy.

In 2011 Horsham Council in Victoria told him his new church, the Church of Perissos - Faith and Restoration, could not operate without a planning permit.

28 January 2015

LNP on track for a hiding in Ipswich seat

AFTER reading today's Page 3 story, many would agree with Cr Paul Tully's observation that the LNP has written off the seat of Ipswich.

Before Christmas it was a very different story with senior Ministers Lawrence Springborg and Mark McArdle in Ipswich making some major announcements. In the early days of the campaign we saw Glen Elmes with some minor announcements.

The decision not to back the criterium track reveals a government that has abandoned the area.

Ipswich has battled for decades with the troubled Limestone Park velodrome and has had no cycling facilities for four years.

The Member for Ipswich Ian Berry should be fighting for the region to ensure the city gets this funding, not telling a councillor to ask the government why we didn't get it. Last time I checked Mr Berry was part of that government.

Mr Berry's recent stance on bringing a government department to Ipswich is another instance that has puzzled readers. Instead of pushing for the revitalisation of the Ipswich CBD, he is worried about those public servants who live in Brisbane having to travel 50 minutes to work at Icon tower.

If only he showed such empathy for public servants when his boss was sacking more than 12,000 of them.

Our local Member's latest comments on these key issues leave us with the question: Who is he representing?

Goodna's Isabel Dow is Ipswich Junior Citizen of the Year for her native wildlife work

WILDLIFE WARRIOR: Isabel Dow has been recognised
 her work as an advocate for Australia’s native wildlife.
Hopefully the turtles Ipswich student Isabel Dow has chosen to help have some idea how lucky they are to have her in their corner.

Named Ipswich's 2015 Junior Citizen of the Year, her commendation said Isabel was a shining example of what passion and commitment can achieve when you love something enough and have the courage and conviction to follow your dreams.

Learning about the plight of sea turtles three years ago set the Goodna 12-year-old on the path to becoming a staunch advocate for Australia's native wildlife.

"I am passionate about animals, in particular the sea turtle, and I want to do everything I can to help them," she said

She decided to raise funds and awareness for Australia Zoo's Wildlife Hospital by taking part in Bridge to Brisbane, collecting $400.

She also held three successful fundraising dinners in 2011, 2012 and last year, featuring Terri Irwin and other guest speakers.

Isabel has also taken part in other activities to gain sponsorship on behalf of the turtles, including superkids triathlons, zoo runs and readathons.

She also enlisted her fellow students at Camira State School and held a Khaki Day to instil a greater awareness of animal conversation among the students.

Remarkably, with the help of Terri Irwin, she also managed to get her favourite American singer Josh Groban to sponsor her for a superkids triathlon.

Last year, Isabel achieved her greatest dream so far with the release of turtle Gemma who had spent a year in the care of Australia Zoo's Wildlife Hospital.

Ipswich servo denies basic rights: Plans hit skids after servo's dunny denial

DESPERATE TIMES: Paul Tully says Ipswich City
 Council will be busting to make sure they
 get the right decision.

FORGET the pub with no beer because surely there's nothing so annoying, upsetting and unfunny than to walk into a servo without any dunny.

That's what Ipswich City Council reckons anyway and they're willing to go to court to fight for our right to service station toilets.

It's a family day out tradition - dad pulls the car in to refuel and get some more ice for the esky and the wife and kids pile out and head for the welcome relief of the loo.

With this in mind, the council has vowed to carry the can on behalf of the city to force a company to include public toilets in its service station extension.

Matilda Fuels wants to expand its service station on Downs St North Ipswich to include a 7-Eleven convenience store.

In its development application, it has asked for the standard requirement for conveniences at a service station to be removed from the conditions of approval.

Condition 12 requires the applicant to provide customer toilets but while there are plans for staff toilets, the rest of us might have to cross our legs or resort to more basic alternatives.

"We've said no to that," planning and development committee chairman Paul Tully said.

"It's like a service station not having tyre pumps.

"We're saying the public expects service stations - like fast food outlets - to have public toilets.

"We're saying it's a standard requirement and we're not going to let the public down."

It's a serious issue but some councillors couldn't help a bit of levity, although they stopped short of toilet humour.

Andrew Antoniolli questioned whether the mayor leaked the story to media, while Bruce Casos said the public would be relieved at the decision to oppose the company.

"We'll be busting to make sure we get the right decision; we're prepared to fight them in the Planning and Environment Court over this," Cr Tully said.

Mayor Pisasale said service stations were community facilities and should share the load.

"People go there for groceries, little things they forget - it costs you more but people don't mind because it's convenient," he said.

"Most people when they are out on a drive stop at the service station and the family goes to the toilet.

"I just say let common sense and community wishes prevail. Let's all get on with the job. They've got to put in staff toilets, just back them up next to them."

Company puts its case for loo review

Matilda Fuel's application says: "An overall outcome of the commercial and industrial code of the Ipswich Planning Scheme makes reference to the provision of on-site public toilets for commercial uses 'where the size or type of the development warrants this approach'.

"The scale of the proposed service station is not considered one which requires a public toilet. A service station...largely servicing a local community, with small retail floor area and no provision for on-site dining, does not require a public toilet.

"Due to these factors, patrons of the service station have limited reason to extend their visit other than for the purposes of refuelling and paying.

"We therefore request council remove condition 12."

Local Feature: The Coffee Club Goodna

The Coffee Club
12 Queen St
Goodna QLD 4300

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Public Holidays
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This is a licensed venue.

Australia’s favourite casual dining destination, The Coffee Club, has arrived in Goodna, with the Queen Street café, bar and restaurant first open for business from 11 May 2009.

Fiona Fan is an experienced businesswoman and all-round coffee-lover who has been in hospitality industry for more than 6 years. Now she is the Franchisee of The Coffee Club at Goodna.

The Coffee Club at Goodna is open 7 days a week, and located in Queen Street.

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The Coffee Club Goodna supports local businesses and facilitates a business breakfast meeting every Tuesday morning from 7am. If you are a business owner or business professional, then you are invited to attend the breakfast.

The Coffee Club Goodna supports the local community by getting involved with:

  • The Goodna Bowls Club
  • The Goodna Junior Rugby League Club
  • The Goodna Junior Rugby Union Club
  • The Westfalen Community Gardens Harvest Fair
  • Goodna Toast Masters
  • The Goodna RSL Show & Shine Car Show
  • Red Bank High School Hospitality Award
  • Goodna State School Music Raffle
  • Westside Christian College Book of Bonuses
  • The Goodna Police Station
  • The Goodna Jacaranda Festival

Leese the best long shot since High Jinx in 1960

Five of the six Lockyer candidates attend the ballot
 in Gatton: Steve Leese (ALP), Clare Rudkin (Greens),
Ian Rickuss (LNP), Pauline Hanson (One Nation)
 and David Neuendorf (KAP). 
HE IS paying $26 to win the seat of Lockyer but the good oil suggests Labor candidate Steve Leese might be worth a flutter with the bookies.

Cr Paul Tully, the only political pundit to tip Labor would win just seven seats in the 2012 state election, noted the odds on Leese currently listed by SportsBet and was reminded of High Jinx's win in the 1960 Melbourne Cup at odds of 50-1.

Sitting LNP member Ian Rickuss remains favourite at $1.15 with One Nation's Pauline Hanson paying $5 and Katter's Australian Party (KAP) candidate Dave Neuendorf listed at $11.

Cr Tully was not saying Mr Leese would win, but he said that his odds were worth considering.

"The best long shot in the entire election in all 89 electorates is the Labor candidate in Lockyer," Cr Tully said.

"Labor in the past 10 years has come close to winning the seat of Lockyer and (the seat) has had a lot of growth areas which are predominantly Labor voters.

"I think $26 is more than the true figure and for anyone that likes some juicy odds in the election, the Labor candidate Steve Leese represents a good outside bet.

"He is probably as good (a bet) as High Jinx winning the Melbourne Cup in 1960.

"It all depends how the preferences are allocated. As One Nation and KAP are just preferencing with each other and not allocating a whole suite of preferences a lot of their votes will exhaust.

"If that happens and the LNP vote is significantly down, because of the One Nation and KAP vote, Labor could come up the middle and win. But it is still a real long shot."

Cr Tully had a sneaky $6 on Mr Leese but was unimpressed that SportsBet would not allow for a higher wager. He initially tried to put $100 on but SportsBet locked the bet out.

Augusta Parkway at Augustine Heights earns title of Ipswich's busiest suburban road

Augusta Pwy,
Augustine Heights /
WHEN Cr Paul Tully moved to Goodna 40 years ago, Redbank Plains Rd was a dirt road.

Now it's one of the city's busiest roads, demanding more upgrades on and around the once back road that feeds on to Augusta Parkway.

Cr Bromage said the highest volume council road in Ipswich currently was Augusta Parkway at Brookwater along the section south of Technology Dr.

"In 2014, the daily traffic count for this section of road was 23,221 vehicles up from 18,735 vehicles in 2011," Cr Bromage said.

Cr Tully said it made sense that Augusta Parkway and Redbank Plains Rd were two busiest suburban streets in the city.

"It's not surprising, given the amount of development in the Springfield region, but also around Bellbird Park and Redbank Plains," Cr Tully said.

"Council upgraded Augusta Parkway to a four-lane road five years ago and we try to monitor these trends to ensure that traffic lights are provided, roundabouts are provided so it doesn't become a bottleneck for motorists.

"But we're going to see a progressive upgrade of roads. It's good to have the Centenary Highway to Springfield, which has been four-laned, but it will eventually have to be four-laned to the Ripley Valley.

"So I think you'll not only see a continuous period of growth in the city, you'll see upgrading of major roads, like when the Ipswich Motorway was upgraded."

The Centenary Highway will have to be upgraded, but also the major link roads such as Redbank Plains Rd and Augusta Parkway.

"The growth has been absolutely phenomenal and that's why we're progressively putting traffic lights at key intersections," Cr Tully said.

"But that Redbank Plains area is continuing to boom; like the expansion of the shopping centre.

"Augusta Parkway has now got really good links into Springfield like Sinnathamby Bld and Eden Station Dr. And the new one that's just been partially opened is the extension of Collingwood Dr from Collingwood Park to Redbank Plains.

"A lot of these bigger roads need to be progressively upgraded but you need links between the major roads.

"I think we're doing pretty well with that."

Channel 7 News Flashback to 1995