29 January 2014

Last chance to sign up for floods class action as deadline looms

FLOOD victims in Ipswich have a month to sign up to be part of the $1 billion-plus class action against the Queensland Government.

The class action is being put together by litigators Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.

Bentham IMF, the litigation funders, have announced that they are unconditionally funding the case.

Victims of the 2011 floods have until February 28, to register.

Goodna councillor Paul Tully urges flood victims to sign up
 for the class action before the February 28 deadline.

Goodna councillor Paul Tully has urged all flood victims to get on board and sign up for the class action that will be held in the NSW Supreme Court.

Cr Tully pointed out that under the arrangements of the class action there can be no costs awarded against flood victims if the action is unsuccessful.

"There is every prospect that flood victims will be fully recompensed, although it may take several years," he said.

"But this will be the final opportunity. After February 28 it will be too late for people to sign up.

"The process is very simple and can be done online with Maurice Blackburn." Cr Tully said there were 600 properties flooded in Goodna alone with more thanl000 home owners, renters and business owners affected across Ipswich.

Cr Tully said some people may not have signed up because they could be reticent about reliving the trauma of what happened three years ago.

"But what I say to people is that the case will be handled by professional lawyers in the NSW Supreme Court and it will be the court that makes the decision about whether individuals are entitled to compensation.

"That will include damage to their property, damage to their personal possessions or loss of property value." Any person or business affected by the January 2011 flood can register for the class action at or call 1800 016464.

Registration is free and without obligation. 

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