29 January 2014

Large bull sharks are being caught in the Brisbane and Bremer Rivers

Bull shark caught near the Goodna Boat Ramp last year.

Bull sharks are being caught in the Brisbane River.  

This specimen was caught near the Goodna Boat ramp last year.  

Be aware and take extra care.  

Water skiers, boat users and swimmers should be on their guard and parents should ensure their children exercise due caution.

Picture: Courtesy Barry Butler, Goodna

Last chance to sign up for floods class action as deadline looms

FLOOD victims in Ipswich have a month to sign up to be part of the $1 billion-plus class action against the Queensland Government.

The class action is being put together by litigators Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.

Bentham IMF, the litigation funders, have announced that they are unconditionally funding the case.

Victims of the 2011 floods have until February 28, to register.

Goodna councillor Paul Tully urges flood victims to sign up
 for the class action before the February 28 deadline.

Goodna councillor Paul Tully has urged all flood victims to get on board and sign up for the class action that will be held in the NSW Supreme Court.

Cr Tully pointed out that under the arrangements of the class action there can be no costs awarded against flood victims if the action is unsuccessful.

"There is every prospect that flood victims will be fully recompensed, although it may take several years," he said.

"But this will be the final opportunity. After February 28 it will be too late for people to sign up.

"The process is very simple and can be done online with Maurice Blackburn." Cr Tully said there were 600 properties flooded in Goodna alone with more thanl000 home owners, renters and business owners affected across Ipswich.

Cr Tully said some people may not have signed up because they could be reticent about reliving the trauma of what happened three years ago.

"But what I say to people is that the case will be handled by professional lawyers in the NSW Supreme Court and it will be the court that makes the decision about whether individuals are entitled to compensation.

"That will include damage to their property, damage to their personal possessions or loss of property value." Any person or business affected by the January 2011 flood can register for the class action at or call 1800 016464.

Registration is free and without obligation. 

40 years ago today, a new flood peak was predicted for Goodna

The Queensland Times reported 40 years ago today on 29 January 1974:


Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen arriving at Limestone Park
 in Ipswich greeted by (from left) Evan 
 Member for Wolston, Vi Jordan Member for
Ipswich West, Ipswich Mayor George Hastings,
Llew Edwards (Member for Ipswich),
 Police Inspector J McCarthy and
Federal Member for 
Oxley Bill Hayden.

Thankfully, the Brisbane River had already peaked and Goodna was spared a second deluge.

The picture shows the Premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen arriving at Limestone Park in Ipswich greeted by (from left) Evan Marginson Member for Wolston, Vi Jordan Member for Ipswich West, Ipswich Mayor George Hastings, Dr Llew Edwards (member for Ipswich),Police Inspector J McCarthy and Federal Member for Oxley Bill Hayden.

Incidentally, the price of the QT in 1974 was 8 cents and inside there was an advertisement for house and land at Churchill for $12,490 (full price).

27 January 2014

13 year battle to stop fire ants "lost"

 Cordoned off fire ant nests at Leslie Park Goodna.

The 13 year battle to stop fire ants in Australia has been declared lost after a fresh outbreak of the American pest was discovered in the Ipswich suburb of Goodna.

Biosecurity Queensland confirmed the latest invasion at Leslie Park just 100 metres off the Ipswich Motorway after a tip-off from local residents.

They treated the nests on Friday and barricaded the area adjacent to a children's playground and barbecue facilities.

Fire ants were first detected in Australia in 2001 at the Port of Brisbane and Wacol and have since spread across southeast Queensland.

Cr Paul Tully fights fire ants.
Goodna councillor Paul Tully said millions of dollars had been spent to eliminate the pest.

"This is the second infestation in Goodna in nine months and the outlook is bleak.

"I suspect we have lost the battle.

"Our national history shows that imported pests such as rabbits, foxes and cane toads can never be eliminated."

Cr Tully said the war on fire ants should continue with efforts to slow its spread into farmland beyond the southeast.

"They will eventually cross the border into New South Wales.

"All hell will then break loose as fire ants commence their spread across Australia."

Cr Tully called on the federal government to fund a major increase in the fire ant eradication program.

Bull sharks are swarming in the Brisbane and Bremer rivers

JUST A PUP: North Ipswich resident Shannan Landy
with the young bull shark he caught at Mt Crosby
Weir on Sunday night.

BULL sharks are swarming in the Brisbane and Bremer rivers and Cr Paul Tully has warned residents using the waterways to be wary.

The QT has received reports of increased numbers of sharks being seen and caught in the rivers, with fishermen regularly pulling them out.

Cr Tully has also been receiving similar feedback and urged boaties and those using the river to exercise caution.

He said children paddling in the water, or assisting their parents putting a boat or jet ski into the river, were most at risk.

"There are regular reports of bull sharks being caught in the Brisbane and Bremer rivers," Cr Tully said.

"It is a warning to parents to be very, very careful.

"The bull sharks are around and there have been fatalities on the Gold Coast.

"It is probably only a matter of time before there could be a fatality.

"They have been seen up as far as Colleges Crossing and one regular fisherman reckons they are teeming in the Brisbane River.

"I asked him how many and he said, 'Imagine if you kicked a bull ants' nest and they just swarmed everywhere'.

"His impression was that bull sharks are just swarming on the bottom of the river.

"It is a timely reminder. It is summer and with people out on the river, putting out boats and fishing...just don't dangle your feet. Be very careful."

The QT accompanied Cr Tully to the Goodna boat ramp to try and pull a shark out for ourselves using a live catfish and a favourite rod of Cr Tully's that he hadn't used since the 2011 flood.

But the tide, the wind, the time of the day and the 40-degree heat on Tuesday were against us.

"But we'll catch one.

"It might take a couple of days," Cr Tully said.

"Dusk and dawn is when we might hit the jackpot."

North Ipswich resident Shannan Landy did land a young bull shark near the Mt Crosby Weir on Sunday night.

He caught the shark using live mullet as bait.

"The little ones put up a good fight too," he said.

"There are a lot of little ones around but I am sure there are some of the big mothers around.

"There must be something out there laying the pups.

"The one I caught was about half-a-metre long but I have caught them up to a metre long in the Brisbane River.

"The bigger ones I have caught down towards the junction of the Bremer and Brisbane River and down at Kookaburra Park."

Mr Landy said he had heard of bull sharks of 1.2m being caught up at Mt Crosby.

"I think there have always been lots of them," he said.

"It is just that people are becoming more aware of it now.

"Guys are out there chasing bass. They catch the bass and bring them in and, the next thing you know, the shark comes up and sees it as an easy meal...and they are hooked onto a shark. A lot of people aren't targeting sharks but they are ending up catching them."


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