08 May 2013

Hoons smash fence at Bellbird Park - 12 times in 10 years

Wright calls time on hoons
South West News, Brisbane by Charley Rico 08 May 2013

Phil Wright took this photo of a crash in his frontyard,
a problem that has plagued his property for years.
He has seen 12 near-misses at the front
of his Bellbird Park home in 10 years
and he’s had enough.


BELLBIRD PARK resident Phil Wright has seen 12 nearmisses at his property in less than 10 years and Ipswich City Council councillor Paul Tully (Div 2) hopes to fix the controversial spot sooner rather than later.

Situated on the corner of Fiona and Rosemary streets, Mr Wright said drivers raced around the corner and it was a magnet for hooning, dragging, burn outs and drifting on a daily basis.

We have had cars through our fence five times and not once has anyone offered to pay, not even our excess for insurance,’’ Mr Wright said.

But we did get a response from the mayor (Paul Pisasale) and last week local councillor Paul Tully came out with a technical engineer to have a look at the area.’’

Cr Tully said a traffic count for the dangerous corner would be conducted by mid- May.

The sort of things we’re looking at are additional warning signs, Phil suggested the possibility of putting in three stop signs, which is also being looked at, and putting in guard rails,’’ Cr Tully said.

Right on the corner is where pedestrians cross as well, so it’s not without its difficulties.

But we are looking at ways to make it safer because people like Phil and his wife shouldn’t have to his wife shouldn’t have to put up with cars coming through their front fence.’’

According to crash data from the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Transport and Main Roads, during 2009 there was a hitobject’’ crash and a headon’’ crash, and in 2005 there was a hit-object’’ crash.

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