03 December 2013

New pedestrian safety measures at Goodna and Bellbird Park

New high-contrast pedestrian crossing at Queen St Goodna
New highly-coloured pedestrian crossings are being trialled in Ipswich's eastern suburbs as a road safety measure.

Two existing zebra crossings at Goodna and Bellbird Park have been repainted in a high-contrast orange/red colour to improve visibility of pedestrians for drivers.

The crossings are at Queen St Goodna and Redbank Plains Rd Bellbird Park near the Kruger roundabout.

Local councillor Paul Tully said the initiative for the new markings was based on similar crossings on the Gold Coast which have proved very effective.

Cr Tully said pedestrians would be more visible to drivers at the two crossings which were both located close to primary schools.

"I feel this road safety initiative will help improve pedestrian safety.

"I urge all drivers to take care around all local pedestrian crossings."

06 August 2013

Firebug hits Bellbird Park development site

A fire bug has struck at Bellbird Park destroying part of a major greenfield development site between Jones Rd and Woogaroo Creek.

Eleven fires were lit on Monday and Tuesday night at the Brentwood Forest estate off Columbia Drive.

A large smoke pall hung over the southern part of Bellbird Park on Tuesday afternoon.

Camira Fire and Rescue attended the scene and confirmed to Ipswich City Council officers the fires appeared to have been deliberately lit.

Local Councillor Paul Tully described the arson attack as "appalling".

Cr Tully said the large pall of smoke created by the firebug had created a serious local health issue.

"The sooner he is locked up the better."

29 July 2013

Media Release: State government plan to wind down fight against fire ants slammed as stupid and dangerous

Media Release - Ipswich City Councillor Paul Tully

State government plans to wind down the fight against fire ants have been slammed as stupid and dangerous.

Agriculture Minister John McVeigh announced today residents and businesses will be asked to treat fire ant infestations themselves.

Fire ants were first found in Australia in 2001 at the Port of Brisbane and at Wacol.

Major infestations were then quickly discovered at Goodna and other parts of Ipswich and Brisbane.

Ipswich councillor Paul Tully said Ipswich had been a hotspot for fire ants for 12 years with the discovery of thousands of active nests.

The latest infestation has been at Muirlea on Ipswich's outskirts.

Cr Tully said a fresh infestation was discovered at a disused dump at Woogaroo St Goodna in May when hundreds of new fire ant nests were found more than 10 years after they were thought to have been eliminated from the suburb.

Cr Tully said the plan to force property owners to fight their own infestations was doomed to fail.

He said fire ants were on the edge of the Lockyer Valley and could easily advance to the Darling Downs.

"They could soon start to destroy Australia's agricultural industry if they get a foothold in our rich farmland west of Brisbane."

Cr Tully said state government claims fire ants will be eliminated by 2015 would be a monumental failure.

"This is a stupid and dangerous approach in the war on fire ants.

"We have never controlled other introduced species such as rabbits, foxes and cane toads, so the chances of getting rid of fire ants are next to zero.

"No country in the world including the United States and South America has been able to beat the scourge of fire ants."

Cr Tully described the state government's new approach to fighting fire ants as "bizarre".

"It's a bit like scrapping the ambulance service and asking everyone to buy their own first aid kit," Cr Tully said. U

03 June 2013

Class Action Update: Maurice Blackburn Lawyers are proceeding with class action against state government over 2011 flood


2011 Flood Class Action Update.
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers have confirmed today they will be proceeding with the legal class action on behalf of victims of the 2011 flood on the Brisbane and Bremer Rivers.
The lawsuit is expected to be the largest class action ever launched in Australia with the State Government facing a potential payout in excess of one billion dollars.
Flood victims can sign up online 24/7 for the no-win, no-fee class action at:
Goodna-based Councillor Paul Tully said the announcement by Maurice Blackburn was the "best news for flood victims since January 2011.
"I am urging all flood victims - including homeowners, business owners, renters and anyone else who has suffered losses as a result of the 2011 flood - to sign up for the class action.
"This is likely to be the first and only opportunity for flood victims to recover their losses they suffered in the 2011 flood.
"Flood victims have nothing to lose and everything to gain by signing up for the no-win, no-fee class action."
Cr Paul Tully - urging flood
victims to sign up for the
pending legal class action.
Cr Tully said Goodna was the hardest-hit suburb in southeast Queensland in 2011 with 600 properties destroyed in the flood.
"The Floods Commission of Inquiry specifically found that the Wivenhoe Dam had not been managed in accordance with the Dam Operating Manual from 8.00am on the Saturday preceding the flood on Tuesday 11 January 2011.
"I am confident the class action will be successful.
"I am urging the State Government to act as a model litigant in this matter and not rely on legal technicalities to resist the legitimate claims of flood victims.
"I am calling on the Premier Campbell Newman to negotiate a settlement of the class action as early as possible," Cr Tully said.

08 May 2013

Hoons smash fence at Bellbird Park - 12 times in 10 years

Wright calls time on hoons
South West News, Brisbane by Charley Rico 08 May 2013

Phil Wright took this photo of a crash in his frontyard,
a problem that has plagued his property for years.
He has seen 12 near-misses at the front
of his Bellbird Park home in 10 years
and he’s had enough.


BELLBIRD PARK resident Phil Wright has seen 12 nearmisses at his property in less than 10 years and Ipswich City Council councillor Paul Tully (Div 2) hopes to fix the controversial spot sooner rather than later.

Situated on the corner of Fiona and Rosemary streets, Mr Wright said drivers raced around the corner and it was a magnet for hooning, dragging, burn outs and drifting on a daily basis.

We have had cars through our fence five times and not once has anyone offered to pay, not even our excess for insurance,’’ Mr Wright said.

But we did get a response from the mayor (Paul Pisasale) and last week local councillor Paul Tully came out with a technical engineer to have a look at the area.’’

Cr Tully said a traffic count for the dangerous corner would be conducted by mid- May.

The sort of things we’re looking at are additional warning signs, Phil suggested the possibility of putting in three stop signs, which is also being looked at, and putting in guard rails,’’ Cr Tully said.

Right on the corner is where pedestrians cross as well, so it’s not without its difficulties.

But we are looking at ways to make it safer because people like Phil and his wife shouldn’t have to his wife shouldn’t have to put up with cars coming through their front fence.’’

According to crash data from the Department of Transport and Main Roads, Transport and Main Roads, during 2009 there was a hitobject’’ crash and a headon’’ crash, and in 2005 there was a hit-object’’ crash.

06 May 2013

Tully: Get the pest off our crest

PEST: A deer caught in the
Pan Pacific Peace Gardens
in Goodna.

GET the pest off our crest.

That is the call from Cr Paul Tully who is set to lobby state MPs to remove the deer from the Queensland coat of arms and replace it with the koala.

Cr Tully said the koala was "a well known and truly loved native Australian animal" whereas the red deer was "an officially declared class three pest".

"I am calling for the government to get rid of the deer, a native pest from England, and replace it with the koala," he said.

"The koala is our official Queensland faunal emblem.

"The species is under threat and having it on the crest would improve public knowledge and appreciation of the koala.

"And unlike the red deer, it is illegal to shoot it."

Deer were gifted by Queen Victoria to the colony of Queensland in the 1870s and remain at large in Ipswich.

"Some of those deer ended up near Moggill on the other side of the river," Cr Tully said.

"They are powerful swimmers and they escaped about 30 years ago from a property.

"We had one running through North Ipswich last year and there was one in Booval five years ago.

"They have been seen near the Goodna RSL and there is a heard in bushland between Collingwood Park and New Chum.

"I saw one on the Ipswich Motorway. Drivers don't expect to confront a deer.

"Their legs buckle and they come up over the bonnet, so they are very dangerous.

"They are timid, but they have big antlers and if anyone went near one they could gore you and kill you."

AUSSIE NATIVE: A Queensland coat of arms, left, designed by Paul Tully with a koala on the crest, which he wants to replace the crest with a red deer.
AUSSIE NATIVE: A Queensland coat of arms, left, designed by Paul Tully with a koala on the crest, which he wants to replace the crest with a red deer.

RSPCA Queensland spokesperson Michael Beatty said feral red deer was a council matter but urged that they be "treated humanely" when caught.

Under the Land Protection (Pest and Stock Route Management) Act 2002, it is an offence to introduce red deer into Queensland. The maximum penalty is $22,000.

"Since 1977, we have given tribute to a non-native animal which has been a declared pest for the past four years," Cr Tully said.

"We may as well put the cane toad or fire ant on our coat of arms instead of Queen Victoria's grand gift to Queensland.

"Campbell Newman should step in and have a statewide competition to find a suitable replacement for this historic absurdity.

"We are the only state in the world where the official crest has a declared pest on it.... and it is a pest from England. So get the pest off the crest."

Reader poll

What image would you like to see replace the red deer on the Queensland coat of arms?


Cane Toad
Indian Minor
Paul Tully
This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


  • Introduced from UK in 1870s
  • A class three pest
  • At large in Ipswich
  • On state crest since 1977

29 April 2013

Ipswich homes flooded for second time in 10 days: QUU told to lift their game

Water rushes towards properties at
Bellbird Park after the second water
main break in 10 days at
the same location.

Homes in the Ipswich suburb of Bellbird Park have been flooded for the second time in ten days after another major water main failure caused tonnes of mud and water to flow into the houses.

Two homes in Nimerette St which flooded late today (Sunday) were the scene of a similar disaster on April 17.

A two-storey home owned by Karen Prestidge was damaged by mud and water entering both levels.

The latest break occurred about five metres from the scene of the first water main collapse.

The 450mm main has burst four times in the past five years flooding homes and yards.

Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) who are responsible for maintaining the water mains bought pizzas for the affected families and offered them free accommodation for the night.

Security guards were brought in to protect the homes.

Local councillor Paul Tully who was at the scene late last night described it as one of utter devastation.

"It was like a huge avalanche of water bearing down on the properties running through the top floor of a two-storey home.

"These families are totally overwhelmed by this second incident."

Cr Tully said QUU was not putting enough money into maintaining water mains around Ipswich.

He said there would be more of these major failures "until QUU gets back to the basics of water supply".

"It beggars belief that all they offered the families last night were a dozen luke-warm pizzas and a 2-star motel room."

Cr Tully said the families wanted compensation direct from QUU rather than having to deal with their own insurance companies for a second time.

"I would hope that major law firms such as Maurice Blackburn would consider a class action against QUU for the second-rate water supply network they are operating across a major part of southeast Queensland."

"QUU needs to lift its game and the fat cats running the organisation should be forced to shape up or ship out."

Cr Tully said QUU had sent a junior PR officer to the scene of the disaster when the CEO should have been on the spot to apologise and listen to the distraught residents.

"QUU has really let local residnets down this time."

Cr Tully said the broken water main which links Goodna to Bellbird Park should be replaced in its entirety or decommissioned.

QUU was established by the state government in 2010 to take over water supply and sewerage services in Brisbane, Ipswich, Scenic Rim, Lockyer and Somerset.
Graphic YouTube footage:

Houses flooded by burst water main at Bellbird Park. Graphic video:

24 April 2013

Compensation call for Goodna after NBN fiasco

IPSWICH Councillor Paul Tully has called on NBN Co to negotiate compensation for Goodna businesses affected by loss of internet and phone services.

A 2400-line cable that serviced 650 homes and businesses was severed while a contractor was laying the National Broadband Network (NBN) on Tuesday.

These businesses have been struggling since the 2011 flood and this has been a real kick in the guts,'' Cr Tully said.

It's not good enough for NBN to leave town with businesses still suffering financially because of NBN's incompetence.

Q u e e n s l a n d N B N Co spokesperson Ryan Williams said business owners seeking compensation should contact their service provider who will assess each claim.

As is always the case, all the parties involved need to assess the situation and where the issue has arisen,'' Mr Williams issue has arisen,'' Mr Williams said.

In the meantime, if people have particular concerns they should speak to their phone or internet provider, who will assess each case.''

Telstra's Jane de Gault said the company was working to find how the cable was damaged.

South-West News


New link road to open options for Springfield Central rail commuters

A MAJOR new road linking Angnsta Parkway to the Springfield Greenbank Arterial road will be built as part of council's partnership with the State Government to provide extra car parking spaces adjacent to the new Springfield Central train station.

Ipswich City Council Planning and Development chairman Paul Tully said the currently unnamed road was identified under the Ipswich planning scheme as a key piece of local transport infrastructure.

The new road will link Augusta Parkway to the Springfield Greenbank Arterial near the Springfield Anglican College.

"This is a rapidly developing part of Ipswich so it is essential the development of transport infrastructure keeps pace," Cr Tully said.

"When completed later this year Springfield Central Train Station will be very welcome for residents and opens up new options for commuters travelling between Springfield and Brisbane. Council is committed to ensuring that residents can make full use of this new train service.

"This road will open up access to more than 400 car parking spaces for use by commuters and ensure the usefulness of this station for the community. This road is part of development proposals contained in the forthcoming 2014 budget."


23 April 2013

The Faces of Ipswich Exhibition by Rob Williams was launched tonight at the Ipswich Art Gallery. Lord Lamington (aka Ian Berry) and Cr Paul Tully attended the exhibition.

The Faces of Ipswich Exhibition by Rob Williams is launched at the Ipswich Art Gallery tonight. Ipswich's famous redhead Pauline Hanson and Lord Lamington (aka Ian Berry and Cr Paul Tully are part of the exhibition.

Emu on the loose at Redbank

A ROGUE emu was on the loose in Redbank last night with residents and motorists warned to be on the lookout for the disoriented flightless bird.

Police were called to Kruger Pde yesterday after a sighting of the emu but it disappeared into nearby bushland and has not been seen since.

"If anyone has a missing emu they should start searching around Kruger Pde," Cr Paul Tully said.

"They have very powerful legs so people shouldn't try to capture it. I've lived in the area for 40 years and I have not seen an emu on the loose previously."

19 April 2013

Goodna phone fiasco update: Telstra has confirmed they are on target to reconnect all 2400 lines by 7 o'clock tonight after being cut by NBN on Tuesday.

Goodna phone outage update: All services to be restored by 7pm

Media Release - Ipswich City Councillor Paul Tully 
Telstra has reconnected half of the 2400 telephone lines at Goodna which were cut by NBN contractors on Tuesday. 

All services are expected to be restored by 7 o'clock tonight. 

Telstra has been working around the clock to restore telephone and internet services to homes and businesses. 

Local councillor Paul Tully said the cable was cut outside the Goodna telephone exchange by NBN contractors who "ignored maps of the Telstra cable network". 

"This outage is now into its fourth day and is an indictment of NBN and its cowboy work practices."

Cr Tully called on NBN to negotiate compensation for all Goodna businesses affected by the outage. 

"These businesses have been struggling since the 2011flood and this has been a real kick in the guts. 

"It's not good enough for NBN to ng leave town with businesses still suffering financially because of NBN's total incompetence," Cr Tully said. 

Goodna NBN phone outage update: Half of the services have been restored. All should be restored by 7 o'clock tonight.

08 April 2013

Burst water main, Katandra Crescent, Bellbird Park: Water is now restored.

Burst water main Bellbird Park

Queensland Urban Utilities is currently attending a burst water main in Bellbird Park, affecting approx 40 homes in Katandra Crescent and nearby Marlene, Annabelle and Beryl Sts.


A water tanker and bottled water is available on the corner of Katandra Crescent and Marlene Street.


The burst was communicated at approx 3am and work to restore is expected to continue for a few more hours.

29 March 2013

Former NZ International joins Goodna Rugby League for 2013

David Solomona has signed to play for the mighty Goodna Eagles in 2013.

David is a very experienced well respected second row forward and will assist the cause greatly as the Club seeks the holy grail.

His signing as well as Alby Talipeau and David Heketoa will work well for the Club.

David's career spanned 13 internationals for Samoa, 13 internationals for New Zealand, 78 NRL games for Roosters and Parramatta, and 204 games in the English Super League for various clubs.

He retired last year from Warrington in the super league.

At 35 years young he has still got a lot to give to himself, his family, the community and the Mighty Eagles.

17 March 2013

Goodna Lads Toowoomba Newtown Park 1918 - World War 1

Goodna Lads at Toowoomba Newtown Park 1918

Do you or any family members recognise any of the "Goodna Lads" in this historic photograph taken in Toowoomba in 1918.
If you can help, please contact:

12 March 2013

Tully joins irate critics of ‘shoddy’ tree gang

RESIDENTS MIFFED: Energex contractors
upset residents while cutting down trees
in Goodna and Bellbird Park.

RESIDENTS of Goodna and Bellbird Park are fuming over the actions of Energex tree loppers who have been accused of destroying trees and illegally entering people's yards.
Cr Paul Tully said Ipswich City Council was "investigating reports the Energex contractor using Victorian vehicles is dumping branches on footpaths forcing children and residents onto busy roads".

He described the contractors as "cowboys who seem to be breaking every rule in the book".

Cr Tully's Facebook page was inundated with complaints.

One resident named Katrina said the contractors "did Rosemary St recently and damaged the letterbox and walkway. Their trucks almost cut my driveway off. Made it quite unsafe to enter and exit our driveway".

Another, Mandy, said she "saw a small boy ... have to walk out onto the road" because of the contractors' actions. Cr Tully said council was investigating possible offences by the contractors with fines up to $110,000.

"A schoolchild could be killed as a result of these haphazard works," he said.

Cr Tully said the Energex contractors had blocked one footpath in Goodna's Queen St after NBN had blocked the other, forcing pedestrians onto a road that carries 20,000 vehicles a day.

"These cowboys should go back to Victoria before someone is killed or seriously injured," he said.

An Energex spokesman said the company had "an overriding commitment to provide a safe and reliable electricity supply for south-east Queensland".

This included "clearing tree branches growing near overhead powerlines, which can be a risk for children climbing unknowingly into danger, or in areas where tree branches can get blown onto lines, causing lines to fall and subsequent power interruptions".

"The council and Energex have in recent years undertaken jointly funded programs regarding overhead powerlines," the spokesman said.

"While around 25% of power in Ipswich is via underground cables there is still a requirement to carry out regular safety and reliability work around the existing overhead lines."


03 March 2013

More rain coming

The Sunday Mail reports:

DRENCHING rains since the start of the year have seen Brisbane receive more than half its annual average rainfall.

Thanks to the rain associated with ex-Cyclone Oswald, a wet February and a soggy start to March, more than 600mm has fallen on Brisbane, where the annual mean rainfall is 1149mm.

The bucketing is just a snapshot of a wild start to 2013 in Queensland - with more to come.

The weather bureau is watching a monsoon trough in the north that could turn into a cyclone, bringing more rain to drench Queensland.

Brisbane will today exceed its March average rainfall in the wettest weekend since the Australia Day holiday deluge.

From late Friday night to yesterday evening, between 100 and 120mm had fallen, with another 50 to 70mm expected before noon today, as a result of an upper air system fuelled by moist east-northeasterlies.

02 March 2013

Most of the water is gone from Smiths Rd Goodna but there's some still across Albert Street.

They're reelin' in the catfish at the Goodna Boat Ramp this afternoon.

Now 3 fishermen at Goodna. Those catfish must be mighty tasty!

This is amazing. Even the rain can't keep a good fisherman away from the Brisbane River at Goodna. Good luck!

The Brisbane River has risen only slightly at the Goodna Boat Ramp in the past couple of hours.

Smiths Rd Goodna in the dip between Albert St & Stuart St is down to one lane with extreme caution.

Albert Street Goodna - Don't even think about it!

The Brisbane River at the Goodna Boat Ramp is about 1.5 metres above normal. Nothing to worry about.

River 949 will have flood & rain updates during the afternoon.

Pedestrian walkway Lower Albert St Goodna is impassable.

Water across Smiths Rd Goodna between Albert Street & Stuart Street.

One driver braves Albert Street Goodna. Alice Street is a better bet.

Water across Leslie Park Goodna this morning - off Bertha Street opposite the BP servo. The ground is supersaturated at the moment causing higher-than-normal runoff.

Gailes Tru Value Hardware Store celebrates 40 years of serving the local community at a big celebration this morning. Congratulations.

Cut price dog & cat microchipping today 9am to 12pm at Evan Marginson Park Goodna behind Railway Station. Free chipping for animals being registered for the first time today.

23 February 2013

Kelly Gang saga continues: Truth of Dan Kelly’s fate stays a mystery

MYSTERY MAN: Dan Kelly, the bushranger’s
brother, whose fate may remain unknown.
The Truth from August 1, 1948.

IT IS a debate that has been in play for 80 years.

When an Ipswich vagrant going by the name of James Ryan walked into the offices of The Truth newspaper in 1933 and said he was bushranger Dan Kelly it unleashed an enduring controversy.

Ryan is buried in the Ipswich General Cemetery and his links to Kelly are honoured at the site.

Before Ryan's claims, Dan Kelly was thought to have died in the Glenrowan hotel fire of 1880.

In 2005 Cairns author and historian Brian Stevenson debated Cr Paul Tully about the issue in Ipswich. Mr Stevenson does not believe Ryan was Kelly, while Cr Tully is open to the possibility that he was.

Mr Stevenson has listed the errors in Ryan's statements. In the 1933 Truth article, Ryan said his father's name was "Old Ned". Kelly's father was in fact John Kelly.

Ryan said his father was brought to Australia from Dublin in 1845 for poaching. John Kelly was brought to Australia in 1841 from Tipperary for the theft of two pigs.

Ryan said his mother's name was Kate. Kelly's mother's name was Ellen.

Stevenson lists other errors and told The QT that "we have on record a gentleman that doesn't know the name of his father, doesn't know the name of his mother and gets mixed up as to when they were in jail and when they died".

"He says Constable Fitzpatrick was shot through the heart, but Constable Fitzpatrick lived a reasonably long life and died in 1924. There are inaccuracies all the way through it," he said.

But Cr Tully said the shrewd Ryan had good reason to throw in some misleading titbits of information and that he might have been "keeping things up his sleeve just in case he was charged with murder".

"He believed when he went into the offices of The Truth that the statute of limitations prevented him being prosecuted after 50 years, but that is not true," he said.

"If you were facing murder charges you might throw up a few furphies just in case the police had you extradited. Maybe he was changing some of the information so that if he was charged he could claim it was just a joke.

"You talk to people who knew him like (local resident) John Harris and they swear that he was Dan Kelly. One of the key facts is that in 1934 he appeared at the Brisbane Exhibition Grounds in sideshow alley where people paid to question him. He spoke about his family and the Kelly gang and no one was able to refute him or catch him out on any detail. The Truth newspaper reported that."

Cr Tully said the article in The Truth may have included "transcription errors" by the journalist.

"The story in the newspaper in 1933 was provided orally. But having seen a newsreel of this chap, he spoke with a slight speech impediment and was roughly spoken," he said

"Could the reporter take shorthand? Everyone is assuming that what was written in the newspaper was accurately reported, but I defy anyone in Australia to say they have never read an inaccurate report in a newspaper."

Mr Stevenson said Cr Tully had "drawn a pretty long bow".

"Journalists get things wrong occasionally, but not perpetually," he said.

"If you think you are going to get yourself in trouble for murdering somebody, you keep quiet. You don't get yourself written about in the Sunday papers."

Mr Stevenson said Ryan likely enjoyed having the attention focused on him and the "free drinks" at hotels that went with his tales.

When The QT visited Cr Tully to talk about the Kelly saga he presented us with Ryan's death certificate. It says he was 94 years of age when he died in 1948 and that his parents were Luke Ryan and Kate Lawler.

But the real Dan Kelly was born in 1861 and would have been 87.

Cr Tully said a further discrepancy pointed to Ryan's propensity to leave false trails about his true identity for much of his life.

"That death certificate raises more questions than it answers," he said.

"I have done an online search of Victorian historical birth records and they do not show any record of a person named James Ryan with parents with those names.

"Did he falsify his pension application where that information came from? It is a bizarre situation. Even in death he might have had the last laugh of keeping the truth concealed."


22 February 2013

Ipswich City's icon is on cloud nine

OPTIMISTIC AIR: Leighton Properties’ Bradley Norris,
Mayor Paul Pisasale, Cr Paul Tully and council’s
commercial asset manager, Steve Bannister-Tyrrell.

ICON Ipswich is on track for a September completion as construction of the ninth floor of the Bell St building is finished.

The $93 million tower will welcome 1200 public servants on October 1, the first day the Queensland Government's 15-year lease.

The "topping out" milestone was achieved on schedule, Leighton Properties project director Bradley Norris said.

"To see the exterior of the building taking shape is an exciting stage in the development's progress, and is a clear demonstration of the continued progress of Ipswich," he said.

"We are also on track to achieve practical completion by September 2013."

The 117 Brisbane St address covers 15,000sq m of commercial space together with 750sq m of ground floor retail.

Leighton Properties is continuing to progress negotiations with several national retailers for the ground floor retail tenancies.

Mayor Paul Pisasale said he remembered when the iconic Cribb and Foote store occupied the site.

Now the address is embarking on a new iconic future.

"This is only the start of the journey. We are talking about a very historic site that was the heart and soul of Ipswich," he said.

"The Icon Ipswich building will now become another icon. The hardest thing is to get the rest of the CBD going. The partnership between the CBD and Riverlink will become more important.

"This iconic landmark is supporting local jobs - it will boost our local economy and drive further commercial interest in Ipswich - helping to grow our city and the surrounding region."

Work began on Icon Ipswich in late 2011 as the CBD took its first steps towards a major overhaul.

Doubts whether the State Government could attract public servants to voluntarily work in Ipswich were raised when Premier Campbell Newman admitted public servants did not want to move.

But Cr Pisasale plans to hold an open day in a bid to convince public servants Ipswich is a great place to live and work.

Icon Ipswich

The second Icon Ipswich tower is expected to have eight levels.

It will be home to 1200 public servants.


Channel 7 News Flashback to 1995