07 December 2012

A walk in the park and into the past for Ipswich icon

Robyn Buchanan and Ipswich Planning
and Development chairman Paul Tully
have launched a Queens Park audio
tour covering historic sites
around the park.

QUEENSLAND'S oldest park can now be enjoyed and appreciated even more with the help of some of the newest technology.
An audio tour is being provided as part of the popular Ipswich Heritage Trails program and is available as a free download.
You can download the tour to your smart phone or PC - or hire an MP3 player from the Visitor Information Centre. Narrated by Ashley Mac, it includes 20 stops, taking about two hours.
Ipswich historian Robyn Buchanan wrote the script and yesterday revealed snippets about Queens Park including:
In its early days, some rare plants were stolen and others were nipped off by marauding goats.
Bands played there at night in the days before TV and it was also a venue for lovers to meet.
After a staunchly devoted groundsman was let go after 27 years, he angrily said he wouldn't have taken the job if he'd known it was a temporary position.
In the '30s when someone suggested swans would look good there, the mayor and his deputy went out, caught one and brought it back. Ipswich Heritage Consultative Committee chairman Bruce Casos praised the community's contribution to making the project a reality. 
"Part of living in a city with as rich a history as Ipswich's is our duty to future generations to preserve this history so that young people grow up appreciating their local heritage," Cr Casos said.
 Cr Paul Tully, who was at yesterday's launch of the audio tour in Queens Park said it was a great way for modern technology to be used and a great opportunity for the community to enhance their enjoyment of the park.

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  • Queens Park is Queensland's first park and is perhaps Ipswich's best-known landmark.
  • Features include Nerima Gardens, play facilities, a cafe and the Environmental Education Centre.


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