26 December 2012

The 1950 Supreme Court case of Goodna's wandering ducks

I was taking a stroll down memory lane through the digitised Trove newspaper library when I came across a story from Goodna 62 years ago.
The Courier-Mail sombrely reported on 2 September 1950 that John Sydney Egan and Helena Cecilia Egan of James Street Goodna (now Lower James Street) had claimed unspecified damages in the Queensland Supreme Court for trespass by their neighbour's wandering ducks owned by H. V. Davies of Woogaroo Street Goodna. 

They also sought an injunction to stop any further trespass by the ducks.
Talk about neighbourhood disputes. 
It never has been - and never will be - dull in Goodna!

The Courier-Mail Saturday 2 September 1950
Straying ducks bring writ

Ducks, said to be straying at Goodna, resulted in the issue of a Supreme Court writ yesterday. John Sydney Egan and Helena Cecilia Egan, of James Street, Goodna, claimed unspecified damages from H. V. Davies, of Woorgaroo* Street. Goodna, for trespass on their land by permitting his ducks to stray there or by failing to prevent them from straying there.
They also claimed an injunction to restrain Mr. Davis, or his servants, workmen, or agents, from permitting the ducks to stray on the Egans' land. Messrs. Morris Fletcher and Cross acted for the Egans.

* misspelt by The Courier-Mail

The sequel to the story was a week later when the Acting Chief Justice granted the injunction - with costs - against Mr Davis to stop his ducks straying on Mr ands Mrs Egan's land. 
The Courier-Mail Friday 8 September 1950

Ducks no more to go a'roaming

THE Acting Chief Justice yesterday gave his decision against a flock of Goodna ducks.

He granted an injunction against their owner to restrain him from allowing his ducks to stray on a neighbouring property.
John Sydney Egan and his wife, Helena Cecilia Egan, of James Street, Goodna, applied for an injunction against Harold Vivian Davis, co-operative manager, Woogaroo Street, Goodna, to restrain him from allowing his ducks to stray on the Egans' property.
They claimed that the ducks were fouling a waterhole and were damaging the pasture.
Wire shortage
Mr. Graham Hart (for Davis) said that Davis did not claim that the ducks had a right on the Egans' land, but he was hampered by the shortage of wire netting. Since September 4 he had restrained the ducks from straying.
The Acting Chief Justice said that the damage caused by the ducks would not be of a large amount. However, Davis had written to the Egans stating that, after having received legal advice, he would continue to allow his ducks to stray. It appeared that since September 4 Davis had kept his ducks locked up and there had been no further trespass by them, but that was not an answer to the Egans' claim.
His Honour granted the injunction with costs against Davis. Mr. C. G. Wanstall (Instructed by Messrs. Morris. Fletcher and Cross) appeared for the Egans and Mr. Graham (by Messrs. R. G. Smith and Smith) for Davis.

25 December 2012

Merry Christmas to the people of Division 2 from Cr Paul Tully

Merry Christmas to the people of  Division 2 - Augustine Heights, Bellbird Park, Camira, Gailes, Goodna and Redbank - and all local Ipswich residents.
My wife Liza and I wish you a very special Christmas and we trust that 2013 will be a great year for you.
Wishing you and your family happy and peaceful time during the festive season.


Cr Paul Tully

Cr Paul Tully    LLB   JP (Qual)   MMIA   MMA

Councillor for Division 2
City of Ipswich

18 Queen St
PO Box 1
Goodna QLD 4300

Queensland's Longest-serving City Councillor 1979 - 2012

07 December 2012

The Goodna Community Child Care Centre in Stuart St celebrates its 2012 Christmas Party tonight as the children sing a medley of Christmas carols and songs.

Congratulations to all the children, parents and staff and in particular the Centre Director Paula Addison Mason.

New alert at 12:51pm: TOP PRIORITY FOR IMMEDIATE BROADCAST SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING - SOUTHEAST QUEENSLAND for HEAVY RAINFALL For people in parts of the GOLD COAST CITY, LOGAN CITY, REDLAND CITY and North Stradbroke Island Council Areas. Issued at 12:51 pm Friday, 7 December 2012. Slow moving thunderstorms are likely to produce heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding in the warning area over the next several hours. Locations which may be affected include Ormeau, Jacobs Well and Russell Island.

TOP PRIORITY FOR IMMEDIATE BROADCAST SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING - SOUTHEAST QUEENSLAND for HEAVY RAINFALL For people in parts of the GOLD COAST CITY, LOGAN CITY, SCENIC RIM, REDLAND CITY and North Stradbroke Island Council Areas. Issued at 12:14 pm Friday, 7 December 2012. Slow moving thunderstorms are likely to produce heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding in the warning area over the next several hours. Locations which may be affected include Boonah, Beaudesert and Beenleigh.

A walk in the park and into the past for Ipswich icon

Robyn Buchanan and Ipswich Planning
and Development chairman Paul Tully
have launched a Queens Park audio
tour covering historic sites
around the park.

QUEENSLAND'S oldest park can now be enjoyed and appreciated even more with the help of some of the newest technology.
An audio tour is being provided as part of the popular Ipswich Heritage Trails program and is available as a free download.
You can download the tour to your smart phone or PC - or hire an MP3 player from the Visitor Information Centre. Narrated by Ashley Mac, it includes 20 stops, taking about two hours.
Ipswich historian Robyn Buchanan wrote the script and yesterday revealed snippets about Queens Park including:
In its early days, some rare plants were stolen and others were nipped off by marauding goats.
Bands played there at night in the days before TV and it was also a venue for lovers to meet.
After a staunchly devoted groundsman was let go after 27 years, he angrily said he wouldn't have taken the job if he'd known it was a temporary position.
In the '30s when someone suggested swans would look good there, the mayor and his deputy went out, caught one and brought it back. Ipswich Heritage Consultative Committee chairman Bruce Casos praised the community's contribution to making the project a reality. 
"Part of living in a city with as rich a history as Ipswich's is our duty to future generations to preserve this history so that young people grow up appreciating their local heritage," Cr Casos said.
 Cr Paul Tully, who was at yesterday's launch of the audio tour in Queens Park said it was a great way for modern technology to be used and a great opportunity for the community to enhance their enjoyment of the park.

 For more details see
  • Queens Park is Queensland's first park and is perhaps Ipswich's best-known landmark.
  • Features include Nerima Gardens, play facilities, a cafe and the Environmental Education Centre.


Project Yamanto: New southern hub for Ipswich

LOOKING AHEAD: Cr Charlie Pisasale and Cr Paul Tully
discuss plans to turn Yamanto into a commercial
and residential hub.
YAMANTO is being readied for its transformation into a commercial and residential hub with big public transport changes the heart of the plan.

Ipswich City Council has released of draft guidelines to guide the future development of Yamanto's commercial precinct and housing areas.

 The council says these guidelines have been developed with input from key landowners and are designed to position Yamanto as a major centre incorporating retail and commercial businesses and housing surrounding the public transport hub.

 Council planning and development head Cr Paul Tully said the opportunity now existed to redevelop Yamanto Central and its immediate surrounds to maximise the benefits of the proposed passenger rail transport corridor.

 "It will also revitalise the centre and position the area for its future role as a major centre," Cr Tully said.

 "We are planning to consult with local landowners from mid-January to the end of February 2013.

 "The development of vibrant local centres providing shopping and services aligns with council's vision of a city of centres that ensures Ipswich residents have access to first-class services and retail outlets close to where they live and within an easy commute.

 "Over the coming months, council will be writing to land-owners in the study area to gather their views on proposed guidelines and to set priorities for services in the area."

 Cr Charlie Pisasale, whose division covers Yamanto, encouraged businesses in the area to get involved.

 "Yamanto is a part of Ipswich with a great future," he said.

 "With our growing population and rapidly evolving mix of local services and businesses it is vital that we get the development priorities right for the future.

 "I encourage all local land owners in the study area to get involved and have their say."


04 December 2012

Urgent call for help. The Shiloh Church Christmas Pageant will be held over 3 nights commencing Friday 14 December. Mayor Paul Pisasale will be in a Monster Truck but the Church desperately needs 2 cars for the Mayor to crush. Call Shiloh on 3288 5966 if you can help.

BOM Warning Cancellation: Extreme Fire Dangers are also no longer expected in the Darling Downs and Granite Belt and Southeast Coast districts today.

Amazing display in the sky right now over Bellbird Park and Redbank Plains.

There is a small bushfire burning in the far south-eastern corner of the Flinders conservation Estate. QFRS have control of the incident and Council has a liaison officer present at the mobile incident control point. The QFRS are planning a back burn this evening in an effort to protect property just in Logan City Council to the east of the fire. There is no private or Council property at threat within Ipswich City area. As a precautionary measure the conservation area has been closed to the public. It is stressed that the fire is travelling slowly and has low flame height at this stage and the backburn is a precautionary measure to protect property. The backburn will not commence until appropriate weather conditions occur.

The secret is out. On Thursday, the Irish Heart Hotel at Queen St Goodna reverts to the Cecil Hotel - it's name for over 100 years. Congratulations to Peter & Mick Falvey, their family & staff.

BOM Warning issued at 4.46pm: Severe to Extreme Fire Danger in eastern parts of the Darling Downs and Granite Belt and inland parts of the Southeast Coast districts. Temperatures up to 40 degrees, relative humidity down to 10% and winds to 45 km/hr are expected. Locations likely to be affected include Stanthorpe, Toowoomba, Dalby, Ipswich and Beaudesert.

Retired Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson was a special guest at the Ipswich City Council Meeting this morning. He was welcomed by Mayor Paul Pisasale.

Channel 7 News Flashback to 1995