09 June 2012

New technology hits Ipswich: ADSL 2 coming to parts of Augustine Heights, Redbank Plains and Springfield

PIC: Telstra's new "Top Hat" recently installed at Santa Monica Drive Augustine Heights which will bring ADSL 2 to hundreds of local homes in the next few weeks, according to Telstra.

If you see a new oblong box on top of existing Telstra boxes in your suburb, ADSL 2 internet is only weeks away.

Redbank Plains exchange is scheduled for cutover by Telstra in July.

The new technology turns local hubs on suburban streets into a mini exchange obviating the need for new ports back at the main exchange.

Each new "Top Hat" box will service hundreds of customers in the immediate vicinity but not all customers in a particular suburb.

Telstra tends to keep the exact launch date under wraps for each new "Top Hat" because Federal law requires them to give equal access to their rivals such as Optus.

The new "Top Hats" will also bring ADSL 2 to parts of Springfield Lakes where residents have been screaming for years over their slow dial-up and mobile modem speeds.

This new technology is a totally separate roll-out across Australia by Telstra from the NBN roll-out which is due to start in Ipswich at Goodna soon.

"Top Hat" technology will give ADSL 2 speeds for many residents but will not cover all homes and will not be as fast as the promised NBN broadband which Tony Abbot has promised to scrap if he wins the next election.

"Maybe Mr Abbot will bring back Morse code to show how modern his thinking is," quipped local Ipswich councillor Paul Tully who said any politician who stopped the NBN roll-out belonged in the stone age with Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble.

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