16 June 2012

Fire ants put a stop to building at Augustine Heights in Greater Springfield

The dreaded fire ant has halted building
development at Augustine Heights.
A FRESH fire ant outbreak halted construction on an Augustine Heights housing development last week after several mounds were detected.

BioSecurity Queensland ordered development group Citimark Properties to temporarily stop working on the site to prevent the outbreak spreading.

The mounds were detected during a routine inspection and the area has since been handed back to Citimark.

Construction is expected to resume on Monday.

Biosecurity Queensland Control Centre director spokesperson Neil O'Brien said a risk mitigation strategy was put in place to allow work to begin again quickly.

"Biosecurity Queensland is working closely with construction and development companies who adhere to strict movement controls to address the risk of fire ant spread," he said.

Ipswich City councillor Paul Tully said it was concerning fire ants kept appearing within Ipswich.

"It is concerning that the fire ants continue to invade new areas of Ipswich. Residents should be vigilant and report any findings," he said.

In March 2012, single fire ant mounds were detected at Brookwater and Goodna, the first in these areas since 2010.

Mr O'Brien said the 38ha of land within the Springfield area, Augustine Heights and Redbank Plains are hot spots for fire ant infestation.

"These suburbs are areas with a high proportion of land development."

Contact Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23 to report fire ant findings.


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