05 April 2012

Moves to stamp out puppy farms

DANGEROUS dogs and puppy farms will be brought to heel under an Ipswich City Council plan to protect people and dogs.

One suggestion in its submission to the State Government aims to steer buyers away from pet shops stocked by puppy farms and towards animal shelters.

It involves a program where animals are registered when they go to a new owner and pet shops and animal shelters register them at the point of sale or transfer.

The council says it supports the Regulation of Dog Breeders Draft Regulatory Impact Statement (RAS) as long as it is enforced by the state.

"The purpose of the RAS is to address the care and protection of animals through the RSPCA and bring an end to the breeding of dogs in puppy farms," a council spokesman said.

The spokesman also said the council would make a submission to the State Government outlining its position on dangerous dogs.

"The main issue is penalty enforcement. Currently the only tools available to council are to issue a penalty infringement notice or to prosecute," he said.

"Councils need a wider range of options for dealing with dangerous dogs and irresponsible pet owners. They should include the ability to cancel or revoke the registration of an animal, or impose specific enforceable animal ownership conditions for owners where their dog has been declared dangerous."

The council agreed a dog owner should be convicted of an attack offence if his dog killed someone, and the dog was a declared dangerous or restricted animal, the spokesman said.


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