18 April 2012

Mayor's photo finish Pisasale slams poll

THE mayoral race between Paul Pisasale and Peter Luxton could be a close call as an online poll shows them neck and neck as voters prepare to go to the polls in local government elections in 10 days

Ipswich News18 Apr 2012

PAUL Pisasale has lashed out at an online poll showing the mayoral race against Peter Luxton was close, as voters prepare to go the polls in 10 days' time.

The Ipswich News poll had Mr Luxton three votes ahead of the mayor after 825 readers had responded to the question: Who will you vote for to be mayor? Cr Pisasale said it was probably the "same person voting" in the poll after he gained 81.31 per cent of the vote, compared with Mr Luxton's 11.26 per cent and Philip Luafutu's 7.43 per cent, in the 2008 elections.

"I can't wait for polling day to compare those results with your poll," he said. Mr Luxton argued the mayor was "rattled" by the poll.

"I hope it's a true enough reflection," said Mr Luxton, who dismissed the claim he had been behind the result.

Local government elections are on Saturday, April 28

COMMENT: It's about time Quest Newspapers called on their Ipswich editor Brian Semmens to shape up or ship out. Trying to justify the accuracy of this online poll shows how paranoid this man is. Peter Luxton will be lucky to get 20% of the vote on Saturday week yet the amateur newspaper psephologist from North Ipswich has the ex-Greens candidate ahead. Mr Semmens is now using his position to attack politicians via his Twitter account. He is supposed to be the editor of the Ipswich News, not some political commentator inflicting his own bias into Queensland's oldest provincial city. Mr Semmens doesn't understand the people of Ipswich and it would appear he never will. The sooner he returns to Bob Brown's territory, the sooner Ipswich News will have its credibility restored.  Or perhaps he could take on the editorship of the Oodnadatta Times where his style of looney journalism would be really appreciated by the extremists and political troglodytes who inhabit the town. 

By the way.  What odds is Brian Semmens offering on Paul Pisasale and Peter Luxton on Saturday week? Even at 1000 to 1 on, Mayor Pisasale would be the best bet of the year!

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