05 April 2012

Larger wheelie bins to be offered free to Ipswich residents

IPSWICH ratepayers will be offered the option of upsizing their current recycling bins to a 360 litre bin for free following a successful local trial.

Division 2 Councillor Paul Tully said a small trial of a larger recycling bin with a 360 litre capacity had been undertaken by Ipswich Waste Services for approximately eighteen months.

"The purpose of the trial was to determine whether the larger bins are preferred among residents and whether there are any issues associated with their use," Cr Tully said.

"Trial participants primarily were selected because they had previously contacted council about insufficient space in their 240 litre recycling bin and had been provided with a second recycling bin.

"During the trial these households were provided with the larger recycling bin and their usual recycling bins were removed."

Cr Tully said the majority of the trial participants had found it extremely beneficial to have access to a larger recycling bin.

"Given the success of the trial we are now giving all Ipswich residents the chance to upgrade their recycling bins to a larger size for free."

Cr Tully said council hoped access to the larger bins would encourage the community to recycle more.

"This has been the demonstrated result in other areas of Australia.

"A trial of 586 households in Melville, just across the river from the Perth CBD, found that the use of a 360 litre recycling bin increased the volume of collected recyclables by 30% and reduced municipal waste volumes by 18%.

"We hope to achieve similar results in Ipswich."

To organise delivery of a larger recycling bin contact council on 3810 6666.


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