02 April 2012

Goodna parking shows how Translink has let our area down

WITH reference to Commuters cop it', QT 30/3, over the past weeks I have been monitoring car parking at Richlands, Darra, Wacol, Gailes and Goodna railway stations.

All stations are parked out early with the exception of the verge parking at Gailes.

Many drivers are being forced to park illegally. The other day there were about 400 cars parked at Gailes.

Gailes is sometimes regarded as an unimportant station, but at the moment it is acting as a significant car parking overflow for the other stations.

I suggest if late arrivals at Goodna cannot find a legal car park, drive to Gailes and park on the verge. At least you won't get fined.

Cr Tully is correct when he says TransLink has let the people of Goodna down.

We are still fighting to have a modified 523 bus returned to service for the good people of Goodna.

The 523 bus was removed when the FlexiLink debacle was rolled out for Ipswich.

The frequency and hours of operation of buses to feed the railway stations needs radical improvements.

By doing that more people can then use public transport rather than being forced to drive and run the car parking fine gauntlet.

Some expansion of park n' ride is needed, but importantly, decent feeder bus services will mean that parking will not be so problematic.

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