12 April 2012

Girl, 13, dead after crashing stolen car at Bellbird Park

The scene of a fatal car accident at Bellbird Park where a 
 young girl was killed. 

A 13-YEAR-OLD Ipswich girl has died after stealing a car and crashing it into trees on Kruger Parade in Bellbird Park.

The girl, who was in foster care, had an argument with her carer and stole a car in Collingwood Park.

Police were on the way to the house, before spotting the vehicle at a set of traffic lights and attempting to pull the girl over. The girl then took off and lost control of the vehicle while coming around a corner.

"She came around the corner at more than 100km/h," said local resident and witness Fay Wust. "She was swerving all over the road, hit a concrete gutter, ploughed into the bush and hit the trees."

The girl died soon after impact. The death followed a high-speed police pursuit of young drivers in Brisbane's northern suburbs on Sunday night and another two-hour chase of teenagers in the south on Monday.

Queensland Police Union CEO Ian Leavers lamented the worrying trend of young drivers stealing cars and evading police.

"This girl is only 13 years old, she hasn't even lived life yet. It's a tragedy," he said. "This issue is becoming a real problem and we need to do something to stamp it out.

"(The police) pulled over and got out of the vehicle. They did not pursue (the girl) in any way, shape or form."

Police will only pursue a runaway driver if they are deemed a violent high-risk criminal or someone compromising the life of another. The legislation was changed last year after a Crime and Misconduct Commission report showed pursuits had caused 19 deaths and 737 injuries since 2000.

But Mr Leavers was at pains to point out that in this instance, the girl had pre-existing problems that contributed to her behaviour.

"This is very sad and very concerning," he said. "The 13-year-old girl who was in care obviously had problems - we know she had a history of violence. It's a very sad event that has taken place and it affects everyone involved."


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