31 March 2012

Movies in the Park tonight at Shiloh Christian Church Goodna

Rugby Union: Goodna wins first up in the Barber Cup at Goodna

Goodna 19 defeated Springfield 10 this afternoon in a spirited game at Evan Marginson Park at Goodna this afternoon.

It was a tremendous first-up return for the Goodna Club.

The Goodna Gladiators fell out of the local Rugby Union competition after the devastating 2011 flood.

Congratulations Goodna on a thoroughly deserved win.

Voting still compulsory across Ipswich on April 28

Just because the councillor in your division has been elected unopposed, it doesn't mean you don't have to vote in the April 28 council election.

David Morrison (Division 1), Cheryl Bromage (6), Charlie Pisasale (8), Sheila Ireland (9) and Paul Tully (2) have all been re-elected unopposed.

But the Electoral Commission wants to remind voters in those uncontested divisions they still must show up to vote for mayor.

Mayor Paul Pisasale is being challenged by Peter Luxton.

The electoral commission this week warned Ipswich residents they will be fined $100 if they don't vote, unless they have a reasonable excuse.

The $100 fine is reducible to $50 for early payment.

Other divisions and the candidates starting with the incumbent are:

3: Victor Attwood, Daniel Donohue, Jim Dodrill.

4: (Vacant). Bruce Casos, Grant Vandersee, Shawn Ingle.

5: Heather Morrow, Vicki Ash, Michael Melling, Brian Scott.

7: Andrew Antoniolli, Nicholas White.

10: David Pahlke, John Byrne.

Barber Cup kicks off at 3pm today at Goodna

The Rugby Union Barber Cup kicks off at 3pm with the Goodna Gladiators vs Springfield.

It should be a good game.

It will be played at Evan Marginson Park, Woogaroo St Goodna, behind the Goodna Railway Station.

The Goodna Community Fun Day is on full swing till 3pm at Brisbane Rd Goodna between Hungry Jacks and McDonalds. Free sausage sizzles, face painting and kids' rides.



6pm for 6.15pm.

"Night at the Museum - Battle of the Smithsonian" - A really great movie.

Presented by Ipswich City Council at Shiloh Church, 72 Redbank Plains Rd Goodna.

This is a smoke-free and alcohol-free event.

Come along, bring the kids and grandkids.

Food, drinks and coffee will be on sale.  Bring a rug and maybe a jumper.

Family Fun Day at Goodna today

There will be Community Family Fun Day at Goodna today from 10am to 3pm.

It will be held between William St & Church St which includes the businesses fronting Brisbane Rd adjacent to the Ipswich Motorway.

Businesses involved include McDonald's, Cash Converters, Repco, Goodna Car Wash, Caltex & Hungry Jacks.

There will be plenty of fun for the kids and adults.

See you there.

30 March 2012

Cr Paul Tully - Division 2

Thank you to the people of Division 2.


Goodna back on home soil as Gladiators re-join Barber Cup

The Goodna Gladiators return to Evan Marginson Oval
 in a significant match against rivals Springfield.

IT WILL be a happy homecoming whatever the result when Goodna takes on Springfield at Evan Marginson Oval in the opening round of the Barber Cup tomorrow.

The match marks a return to the ground for the first time since the January 2011 floods, which resulted in Goodna dropping out of last season's competition.

If Goodna can beat its close neighbour it will be even sweeter, particularly for the Pamatatau clan.

Heta Pamatatau has returned to the club he coached to the 2008 title, following two seasons at Springfield, along with sons David, George and Nathan.

For the youngest of the three, Nathan, it marks his senior debut for the club he played his junior rugby with.

"It's good trying to rebuild something here," the 18-year-old blindside flanker said.

"Trying to get all the boys back.

"We're pretty happy about it.

"Especially with the boys starting to look good."

The fact the opening game is against his former club has Nathan even more excited to start the season.

There has been plenty of banter between players from the two clubs this week, though all good natured.

"I'm psyched about it," Nathan said.

"I can't wait.

"It's our chance to put all that talk out on the field."

Nathan expects a tight battle between two clubs renowned for their aggressive forward- orientated approach.

It is no surprise that the common influence in both clubs' recent history is Pamatatau senior.

"It should be pretty even," Nathan said.

"We don't know who's going to win until game day.

"I hope we win.

"We just need to stick to the game plan."

For a change that doesn't just revolve around winning the forward battle, with Nathan expecting Goodna's backs to be a major weapon.

"We want to play our running game," he said.

"We want to use the ball with our backs.

"We've got some good skills in our backline, so we've got to feed them."

While a first-up win would be a big boost for the Gladiators, Nathan said results were of secondary importance to re-establishing the club.

"We're just trying to get the club back together," he said.

"That's enough."

COMMENT: Congratulations to the Goodna Gladiators on your re-entry to the Barber Cup.  2011 was a year of recovery for Goodna and the Gladiators.  2012 will be your year of opportunity.  - 

Commuters cop it at Goodna Railway Station - Tully calls for better parking

Donna Black has been issued with three parking fines near
Goodna Railway Station because there is not enough
room for daily commuters in the undersized car park. 

A LACK of parking at Goodna Railway Station has outraged commuter Donna Black after she was issued with three parking tickets within the space of three weeks.

Ms Black's concerns have been backed by local councillor Paul Tully who has challenged Translink and the incoming LNP government to do something about the lack of car parks.

There are 154 car park spaces at the station, of which 153 were in use when the QT visited this week. 

More than 950 people use Goodna station each day.

"There is a lack of parking available for commuters at Goodna Railway Station and many of us have had no alternative but to park adjacent to Evan Marginson Park," she said.

Until recently these parking spaces were a quarter of an hour parking from 6am to 9am and then free parking for the rest of the day.

Cr Tully said these signs were recently removed to improve the parking situation.

Before the signs were removed Ms Black copped three $50 parking fines from Ipswich City Council within the space of three weeks.

She said that was "unfair" because she had "only parked there because of a need to access Goodna Railway Station to utilise public transport into Brisbane".

Cr Tully has waived 35 fines for people unfairly fined after the signs had come down. It appears Ms Black's fines were issued before that, but he has encouraged her to write to the CEO of the council explaining the situation and asking for her tickets to be reviewed. He backed Ms Black's concerns about car park spaces and said they were "woefully inadequate" at Goodna.

"Commuters' cars are spilling out onto local streets and Translink have let the people of Goodna down," he said.

"They don't seem to have any plans to expand the car park. There are properties adjoining the car park that could be acquired for more commuter rail car parks.

"People drive to the train station because the bus system is absolutely hopeless. To have 154 car park spaces for the thousands of rail commuters in the eastern suburbs of Ipswich is hopeless."

Translink CEO Neil Scales said 650 additional car park spaces at Richlands train station and 230 additional spaces at Dinmore had taken pressure off Goodna Railway Station's car park.

"The feeder route 535 (Richlands train station to Springfield Orion) was introduced in February and already carries more than 200 people every morning peak, reducing the need for additional car parks at local stations," he said.

28 March 2012

Councillors walk back in - Tully re-elected unopposed in Division 2

Cr Paul Tully
HALF of Ipswich's 10 city councillors have been elected unopposed, with Paul Tully not facing a rival for the first time in 33 years.

When nominations closed at noon yesterday, David Morrison (Division 1), Cheryl Bromage (6), Charlie Pisasale (8), Sheila Ireland (9) and Cr Tully (2) found no one else had nominated in their division.

Crs Morrison, Bromage and Pisasale were also unopposed in the last council election four years ago.

Mayor Paul Pisasale will again face Peter Luxton for the top job on April 28 after Mr Luxton got 11% of the vote in 2008.

"I have 33 years up in local government this Saturday and in 11 elections this is the first time I've been unopposed," Cr Tully said. "It's a humbling experience

knowing the people have enough confidence in me to be re-elected without opposition."

He said after securing 87% of the vote at the last election he was "gratified with the show of support from the people of Division 2".

"I was just thinking, too, it means no putting up campaign posters, no making sandwiches for morning teas, no being nice to the QT for a month," he joked.

"But on a broader perspective, half the Ipswich City Council is elected unopposed. That is a strong vote of confidence in the whole council."

Ironically, Cheryl Bromage was fighting off a virus yesterday after setting a punishing pace handing out flyers and doorknocking, not knowing if she would have a rival.

Trevor Nardi is the only councillor not to recontest his division.

Cr Tully said there was nothing untoward about having a council together for so long.

"I don't think there is any entrenched government anywhere in Australia now, only politicians who think they're invincible, that they're right and the people are wrong. They disregard what the people say," Cr Tully said.

"I serve the local community closely. I walk the streets, I go to the shopping centres, I meet and greet people around the community, I stay in touch. I don't sit in an ivory tower like some of the politicians in George St. When they get out of touch with local communities, that's when they fail those local communities.

"All the councillors understand the local government processes and budgetary system. They've got the people at heart and we always try to work together to make the right decision."

Proud to boast he is Queensland's longest-serving councillor, he said he hadn't put a time limit on how long he stayed in local government.

"I've got no plans to move on. I am more than happy to continue to serve the people of Division 2.

"They're the people who put me in there and they're the people who take me out of there," he said.

At the Australian Electoral Commission office off the Ipswich Mall, where nominations were lodged, every expense was spared.

The disused shop featured a bare concrete floor, second-hand furniture and old plastic chairs.

The draw to determine what order candidates appear on the ballot paper was meant to happen at 2.30pm, but returning officer Peter Venning said it was postponed to 8.30am today because of the dispute over failed state candidates wanting to run.

Former Bundaberg MP Rob Messenger's bid to have the laws overturned failed yesterday in the Supreme Court. Mr Messenger, who lost his seat of Burnett on Saturday, was hoping to run for mayor of Bundaberg.
Council battles
Victor Attwood (3): Daniel Donohue, Jane Dodrill.
Vacant (4): Bruce Casos, Grant Vandersee, Shawn Ingle.
Heather Morrow (5): Vicki Ash, Michael Melling, Brian Scott.
Andrew Antoniolli (7): Nicholas White.
David Pahlke (10): John Byrne.
Paul Pisasale (Mayor): Peter Luxton.

21 March 2012

Colleges Crossing set to close

SEQWater has advised that should predicted rainfall overnight occur, current draw down releases from Wivenhoe Dam may need to be increased and potentially close Colleges Crossing.

Closure would be sometime Thursday at the earliest.

Seqwater has advised DTMR who will manage the closure.

19 March 2012

New pedestrian and bike bridge over Woogaroo Creek Goodna

The new bridge is taking shape just off Brisbane Tce Goodna near the corner of Short St.

When completed, it will be moved a short distance to Woogaroo Creek to replace the existing, narrow footway on the E A Richardson Bridge.

It will provide a continuous pedestrian and bike link from Gailes to Riverview.

Wivenhoe dam engineers win sympathy from Ipswich councillor Paul Tully

Flood gates open on Wivenhoe Dam. 

SEQWATER lawyers have strongly disputed a key accusation confronting the three Wivenhoe dam engineers as a high-profile flood victim demands the crime watchdog expand its investigation.

Ipswich councillor Paul Tully, who lost his family's Goodna home in the flood, said the three engineers could not be made "scapegoats".

"It would be unthinkable these three engineers on their own (acted) without a nod and a wink from Seqwater," Cr Tully said.

"The CMC needs to widen its investigation."

The flood inquiry, which released its final report on Friday, recommended the Crimes and Misconduct Commission investigate the conduct of flood engineers Robert Ayre, Terry Malone and John Tibaldi.

The men are being investigated in relation to their preparation of a report following the floods as well as oral evidence they gave to the inquiry.

The men were openly accused inside the inquiry about their operation of Wivenhoe.

Seqwater lawyers, in one of their final submissions to the inquiry, strenuously deny the accusations.

Cr Tully said the CMC owed it to the people of Queensland to leave no stone unturned in the search for the truth and to find the real puppeteers in Seqwater.

"It beggars belief that three engineers would (gather) their evidence without a tick of approval from those above them," he said.

"If necessary, they should be offered immunity from prosecution to reveal the whole truth."

Meanwhile, the planned class action against Seqwater and the State Government continues to develop as the largest in Australia's history.

A meeting of flood victims has been convened by Cr Tully at the Goodna State School tonight with lawyers from Maurice Blackburn in attendance to explain how class actions work.

"All flood victims across Ipswich and Brisbane are invited to attend the meeting so they can sign up for a class action," he said.


Goodna flood victims meet tonight


WHEN: 7.00pm tonight Monday 19 March 2012

WHERE: Goodna State School Community Hall, Stanley St Goodna

Media Release from Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully: Flood victims gather to plan class action

A meeting of flood victims will be held tonight to consider a class action against the state government for losses suffered in the 2011 flood.

The meeting convened by Ipswich councillor Paul Tully will be held at the Goodna State School at 7 o'clock.

Lawyers from Maurice Blackburn will be in attendance to explain flood victims' rights as momentum gathers for a billion dollar class action in the wake of the release of the Floods Commission final report.

Cr Tully urged flood victims from across Ipswich and Brisbane to tonight tonight's meeting.

"This is an opportunity home home and business owners as well as renters to recover property and contents losses, decrease in house and land values and pain and suffering as a result of the flood.

"I urge all residents to attend this important meeting with almost 2000 people already signed up for a class action against Seqwater and the state government.

"This will be the largest class action ever undertaken in Australia and flood victims are entitled to be fairly compensated for this man-made flood," Cr Tully said.

17 March 2012

New concrete footpath for Jones Rd Bellbird Park

Jones Rd Bellbird Park at the corner
of Rosemary St.

A new concrete footpath is being built by Ipswich City Council from the corner of Rosemary St at Bellbird Park south along Jones Rd.

It is approximately 350 metres long.

Ultimately, it will connect with a new concrete footpath to be built north along Jones Rd by the developer of the Brentwood estate.

15 March 2012

Goodna Flood Update: Public meeting with lawyers for victims on 19 March 2012




Maurice Blackburn Lawyers and IMF Australia will explain to flood victims their rights under a class action to recover their losses on a "no win, no fee" basis. 

This could include home or business losses, loss of contents,loss of property values or pain & suffering.

WHEN:       7pm, Monday 19 March 2012

WHERE:    Goodna State School Community Hall, 
                    Stanley St Goodna.

Come along and bring your friends. 

Flood victims from other areas are welcome as well.

This is an opportunity to find out the facts about a class action and how you, as a flood victim, can be part of a legal action without any financial risk.

Lawyers from Maurice Blackburn will be on hand to discuss all the relevant issues and answer your questions.

The new Church Street underpass is now fully open after 1 year.

09 March 2012

Irish Heart get town planning approval at Goodna

Planning and Development Committee Chairman Paul Tully
A GOODNA hotel is set to gain more room through a planned extension approved by Ipswich City Council.
Planning and Development Committee chairman Paul Tully said Falvey's Irish Heart Hotel in Queen St had been given permission to construct a covered deck extension at the rear of the existing hotel.
Cr Tully said the hotel planned to use a void created by the design of the current buildings for the new 90m2 deck.
"This part of the hotel premises has been used for a keg room, building plant, small deck area and car parking," he said.
"An internal reconfiguration of the hotel layout is planned with billi
ard tables to be located in the current dining area and the dining area to be relocated to the deck."

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