27 February 2012

Line dancers share the fun at Goodna's Shiloh Church each week

Heather Lutvey organises a line dancing group every Thursday at the Shiloh church in Goodna.
The calmly choreographed steps of line dancing seem hardly comparable to intense magnitude of Olympic competition - yet the two could share the same stage at this year's London games.

Line dancing has been put forward as a demonstration sport for the summer games, the first time a demonstration sport has been included since the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.

As far as sports go, the average sports watcher may be scratching their head right now and asking "line dancing is a sport?"

But when compared to some other demonstration sports, line dancing doesn't seem like such a stretch.

In Melbourne 1956 Aussie Rules made an appearance as did roller hockey at Barcelona 1992 and fire fighting in Paris 1900.

Heather Lutvey runs line dancing classes at the Shiloh Christian Church in Goodna and says at an Olympic level line dancing is very technical.

She said the judges would watch each step for the slightest mistake.

"It's all about dressing up and looking the part if you are going to take it on as a sport. Their feet and hands have to be in a certain position. It's very technical," she said.

Ms Lutvey said the exposure line dancing would get during the Olympics would give average punters some insight into the sport's finer details.

Each week up to 40 people join her class, using the dance as a way to exercise their bodies and mind.
Ms Lutvey has seen line dancing help with people's balance, memory and mobility.
"It's a great way to exercise. It can be pretty intense at times and it's easy to learn and then you can move up a grade. Once you get the basic steps you are ready to go."
Despite the older demographic which make up her classes, the music genres vary greatly from the traditional country and western.
"I listen to what's on the radio. I have used quite a lot. It's just that you want to make them get moving. It's still the same steps."
If you are interested in learning line dancing contact Ms Lutvey on

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