13 January 2012

Media Release: Call for Aussies to back the McOz burger and keep Australia's beetroot industry alive

[Cr Tully will be at his local McDonald's store cnr Brisbane Rd and William St Goodna at 12.00pm today to launch his "Buy a McOz Today" campaign]
The future of Australia's beetroot industry based in the Lockyer Valley west of Ipswich could depend on how many Australians tuck in to the revived McOz burger over the next month.
The McOz burger is back by popular demand according to McDonald's television advertisements across the nation with a message flashing across TV screens that it is only for a short time.
Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully, Queensland's longest serving city councillor, has launched a Facebook campaign to help the farmers of the Lockyer Valley who produce 90% of Australia's beetroot crop.
Cr Tully said he was urging individuals and families to "Buy a McOz Today" and save Australia's beetroot industry.
"Locker Valley beetroot farmers have gained a small reprieve signing a temporary deal with a cannery at Cowra in New South Wales.
"I am urging all Australians to take up the fight and buy a McOz every day to send a message of support to our farmers and to McDonald's to keep the McOz burger on its menu permanently.
"From today, I will be putting my money where my mouth is and buying a lunchtime McOz burger from my local store.
Cr Tully said Australia was being overwhelmed with foreign imports including New Zealand apples and Philippines bananas.
"Australia's beetroot farmers deserve a break.
"That's why all Australians should join the campaign of support.
"I am urging McDonald's to come to the party and keep Australia's beetroot tradition alive," Cr Tully said.

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