10 January 2012

Goodna residents still fighting on

With her home fully restored and refurbished after last year's flood disaster, Goodna resident Marie Manski's hardest recovery will be the emotional one.

"I don't want to remember it. There was too much stress and trauma and emotions," 73-year-old Mrs Manski said.


One year on and the terrible memories of the 2011 are just starting to settle for Mrs Manski.

The Spalding Crescent home she shares with her partner William Fellows, 60, was flooded up to its skylights at the height of the floods.

Mrs Manski said with the mammoth rebuilding effort behind her, she now has time to rest and reflect on the events of 2011.

"I think it's more or less catching up with me now," she said. "It leaves you feeling very flat."

Before the flood hit some volunteers helped stack everything up on furniture but it was a waste of time, she said.

When they evacuated she took her medication, some books and photo albums.

Not much else survived the flood, just her prized crockery and a precious glass bowl which she found wedged behind debris in her kitchen.

Mrs Manski and Mr Fellows moved back to their home last July.

Mrs Manski thanked all the volunteers who helped the couple rebuild and for the support they received from The Salvation Army, the St Vincent de Paul Society and Springfield's Westlife Church.

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