30 December 2011

A star of a house at Goodna to be heritage listed

THE childhood home of cinema mogul Edward Carroll has been identified as a place of historical significance to Ipswich.

Goodna resident Dot McGreevy and Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully admire the historic home at Queen St Goodna which once hosted Hollywood entertainers. 

THE childhood home of cinema mogul Edward Carroll has been identified as a place of historical significance to Ipswich.

The Queenslander, built in 1906 at 16 Queen St, Goodna, will be marked with an Ipswich City Council historical plaque to encourage its conservation.

Carroll, of Birch Carroll and Coyle cinema fame, lived in the Goodna home with his brother Dan and teacher parents.

The boys grew up to co-own local theatres and screened silent films in Brisbane and Ipswich in the early 20th century.

Carroll achieved fame when he partnered with Birch and Coyle to build some of Queensland's first cinemas in the 1920s.

They built the first cinemas in Ipswich and Rockhampton before expanding across Queensland.

Over the years, the family hosted many famous entertainers at their Goodna home, and became well-known for their large parties and dances.

Current owner Dot McGreevy said she was surprised to learn that Scottish entertainer Harry Lauder had visited the house.

"They always had famous violinists, singers and pianists over, but to hear Harry Lauder stayed here was very exciting," Ms McGreevy said.

"We bought the house not knowing anything about its past, and the neighbours used to tell us all these amazing stories.

"Apparently Harry Lauder came to a party here one night and burst out in song.

"It's a very nice, ordinary home, so you wouldn't suspect a thing about all those ballroom parties and big, glamorous events."

Planning and Development Committee chairman Paul Tully said council launched the historical marker project in 1999 to promote public awareness of historic sites.

"Through these markers we are providing a permanent and enduring way for the memories of the past to be kept alive," he said.


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