14 October 2011

House falls off back of truck at Brookwater

House falls off truck

The house sits at the side of the road after falling off the back of a truck at brookwater. Picture: Paul Tully Source: The Courier-Mail

SOMEONE in Ipswich may be missing their house this morning, but locals say the homeowner may have inadvertently stumbled onto the "best address" in Brookwater.

Police said about 3am a home, being transported by semi-trailer along Augusta Parkway in Ipswich, came off its truck, landing squarely in the middle of the road.

Councillor Paul Tully said he was called early this morning by a local who was shocked to find a house in the middle of their street.

He said the home appeared to have fallen off the truck when it attempted to go through a roundabout.

"It's still pretty wet conditions and the house would have been leaning very steeply," Cr Tully said.

"(The house) was originally on Augusta Parkway, which is a main road, but at the moment it's down this little side street Mt Juillerat Drive.

"The way they have it positioned it's not a serious traffic hazard."

The home would be staying put until it could be moved tonight.

"It's a nicely painted house and it looks pretty good," Cr Tully said.

"It's got nice mountain views, it is close to a main road and has handy access to the shops across the road, but I guess the owner was expecting something more."

"There's someone in Ipswich waiting for their house."

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