15 September 2011

Why won't the Goodna Police move this wrecked vehicle?

PIC: Wrecked vehicle sitting for 10 days on Bertha St Goodna, despite pleas to the police to get it moved.

You would think the Police would make every effort to get this wrecked vehicle off our roads but 10 days after it crashed in the middle of the night, it is still sitting in Bertha St Goodna as a testament to a night of alleged drunken driving.

The driver disappeared from the scene and was quickly nabbed by police for alleged drink driving, thanks to the efforts of an alert local resident.

But despite calls from local people and the Ipswich City Council, the cops have refused to classify this giant piece of scrap metal as a safety hazard which means it can sit there forever, with the Council powerless to move it.

Despite the fact that this wrecked vehicle is abutting a narrow section of road and is a visual distraction to thousands of drivers every day, it is amazing the police are still refusing to allow it to be moved.

In Queensland, Councils have the power to remove vehicles only if they are a safety hazard or if they have been "abandoned" - a quaint legal term which doesn't apply in this case.

So, why are the Goodna Police refusing to classify this car wreck as a safety hazard?

No one seems to know but Council officers are working assisduously to convince the police that this hazard needs to be removed immediately.

It could have been removed over a week ago if the Goodna Police had given the green light.

Local Councillor Paul Tully has called on the police to exercise some commonsense in this matter.

"This wrecked vehicle needs to removed quickly because it is a distraction to drivers and could cause another accident," Cr Tully said.

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