09 September 2011

Channel 10's Renovators Program coming to Goodna this Sunday

Greg Owens with daughter Hannah (left) and Janet
with daughter Chloe thank the Renovators for their
newly-restored home at Goodna

Channel 10's Renovators program comes to Goodna this weekend with a surprise visit to a couple who lost their home in the flood of January 11.

Greg and Janet Owens had been living in a caravan since the flood at the rear of their Woogaroo Street property with their daughters Hannah, 1 and Chloe 7 months when the Renovators' host Brendan Moar tapped on their door to tell them there were more than 30 contestants and tradies outside ready to start work on their house.

In less than a week, the house was transformed into a fully renovated home with no hint of the devastating flood which hit Ipswich and Brisbane eight months ago on Sunday.

The family was moved to rented accommodation in Ipswich as the record-breaking restoration continued inside and out as well as new fences, pathways and gardens.

Renovators' contestants who had been eliminated in earlier programs were brought back for the special one-hour program.

Local Councillor Paul Tully who nominated the project to the Renovators worked with volunteers from Habitat for Humanity to restore the garden and other outside areas during the filming.
"The floodwaters went over the roof of their home and the family lost almost everything last January.
"It was hard on Greg and Janet with their two young babies in their caravan in the heat of summer and this year's freezing winter at Goodna."

Cr Tully, who also lost his home at Goodna in the flood, said Sunday's program would be a real "tear-jerker".
"This is one piece of good news for the suburb as Goodna slowly recovers from the worst flood in 37 years."
The program goes to air on Sunday at 6.30pm on Channel 10.

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