30 September 2011

Flood problem eased at Goodna

The flood problem at Albert St Goodna between Alice St and Smiths Rd is being improved by Ipswich City Council.

A new gully line has been built and a berm installed to minimise and hopefully prevent localised flooding in the future adjacent to residential properties.

Local Division 2 Councillor Paul Tully said impacts on adjoining properties would be reduced.

Cr Tully said one property in the flood zone at Albert St Goodna had been acquired some years ago by the Council and the current work would hopefully eliminate the need for any further acquisitions.

Ray White multi-auction to test value of Goodna's flood affected properties

An auction by Ray White Goodna on 23 October will test how much Goodna's flood-affected properties have bounced back since January's flood.

The restored 2-bedroom air-conditioned unit at 25 Mill St Goodna will go under the hammer at Springfield Lakes.

It follows the recent sale of an unrestored brick home on 3034 square metres at Lower William St Goodna for $226,000.

Local Goodna Councillor Paul Tully is confident the local market will pick up in the suburb.

"Houses in the flood-affected parts of Goodna are slowly being restored and people are moving back in.

"Renewed confidence is returning to the suburb and property values will start to steadily rise again."

Warriors win support in Goodna

The New Zealand connection is strong in Ipswich for this Sunday's NRL Grand Final.

One house in Scott St Goodna is festooned with a "Go Warriors" sign.

Fair dinkum. How could anyone support the toffee-nosed, upper-crust Manly team who look down on all the other teams.

I support the Broncos and anyone playing against Manly.

New Jacaranda trees for Goodna

PIC: New Jacaranda trees being planted at Goodna to replace those lost in January's flood

More than 20 Jacaranda trees at Goodna which died in January's flood are being replaced.

The trees, at the Evan Marginson Park at Woogaroo St Goodna, will be floodlit at night.

Local Councillor Paul Tully said the new Jacarandas were mature specimens which would thrive at their new location.

Cr Tully said the main avenue of Jacaranda trees on Brisbane Terrace were just starting bloom and he expected Goodna's Jacaranda Festival at the end of October to be one of the best yet.

26 September 2011

Major fire North Ipswich

The fire is near the Rail Museum precinct.

Details are sketchy.

Cleared killer Graham Stafford visited crematorium where Goodna schoolgirl Leanne Holland was laid to rest

GRAHAM Stafford, the man cleared of killing Goodna schoolgirl Leanne Holland, has controversially visited the crematorium where she was laid to rest - 20 years after her murder.

Mr Stafford, whose murder conviction was quashed by the Court of Appeal in late 2009, said he had wanted to pay his respects to his ex-girlfriend's little sister.

"Enough time has gone by," said Mr Stafford, who was released on parole in 2006 after 15 years in jail, then freed after an appeal decision two years ago.

"It was nice to be able to say I'd done that," he said.

"I wasn't at the funeral and that played on my mind."

Leanne Holland, 12, who went missing on September 23, 1991, was brutally bashed and her tortured and partly naked body was found dumped in bushland about 10km from her home.

Mr Stafford, then the boyfriend of Leanne's sister, Melissa, was charged with the schoolgirl's murder, although he always maintained his innocence.

Although the Court of Appeal ordered a retrial, last year the Crown decided not to proceed with any charges and Queensland Police appointed a detective from NSW to head a new investigation into Leanne Holland's murder.

The review was to look at new forensic testing not available two decades ago, investigate new leads, re-interview witnesses and examine the original police handling of the case, police said.

"We won't hold back on anything and we will let the public know the outcome," Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson promised in May last year.

Mr Stafford, 48, who is now working for a hardware company and has a new girlfriend, said he had good and bad days as he tried to put his jail time behind him and rebuild his life.

"Some days things trigger the emotions and you feel a bit down," he said.

He still hopes for the day that police find out who was responsible for Leanne Holland's murder and that person is arrested.

"It is time he (the killer) was caught and brought to justice - for my sake, for Leanne's sake, for the Holland family," Mr Stafford told The Sunday Mail last year.

Mr Stafford still wants to seek compensation, but he is awaiting the outcome of the police investigation before pursuing a claim.

Queensland Police said the case was the subject of a thorough, ongoing review and they could not comment.

Goodna News is back

BACK by popular demand, a much-needed newsagency at Goodna will finally resume its normal services today, eight months after the floods hit.

Chris and Joy Lees are opening the Goodna Newsagency in St Ives shopping centre.

BACK by popular demand, a much-needed newsagency at Goodna will finally resume its normal services today, eight months after the floods hit.

When the previous owners of the St Ives Shopping Centre newsagency were unable to reopen the store after the floods, Chris and Joy Lees stepped in to fill the void.

The couple, whose son Paul owns a newsagency at Gailes, will have the Goodna shop back in business bright and early at 6am today after months of rebuilding, retraining and preparation.

"We decided to put the service back where it was most needed," Mr Lees said.

"People were phoning us asking us to open the newsagent. Local businesses were screaming, actually. Some were saying they were down 30%-plus due to the lack of a newsagency."

Although the decision was made in April, Mr and Mrs Lees had a significant amount of work to do to realise their dream.

"There were many, many challenges," Mr Lees said.

A former avionics technician, Mr Lees worked on the F-111s at Amberley for 14 years up to December last year, when he was made redundant.

He said he had picked up a fair bit of knowledge of the newsagent business working part-time alongside his son at Gailes over the past two years.

The Lees family is now looking forward to a new challenge.

"I have absolutely no fears at all," Mr Lees said.

"We've got good flood insurance as well and we've got a plan to get all the fittings out quickly if there is ever another flood."

The new shop is located in the same position as the old newsagency, except occupying less space.

It will be open seven days a week.

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19 September 2011

Barry Alexander Dr opened at Springfield Central

Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale today launched Barry Alexander Drive at Springfield Central.

Barry Alexander passed away in May.

Today's street name unveiling was assisted by Barry wife Trish and their children and grandchildren.

He was a Director of Springfield Land Corporation and in charge of the company's town planning directorate for more than a decade.

Springfield Land Corporation Chairman Maha Sinnathamby described Barry as an honest man.

Cr Paul Tully said Barry Alexander was a role model for developers in their professional relationships with local Councils.

"Barry Alexander knew and understood the needs of the community and the responsibilities of developers," Cr Tully said.

17 September 2011

Smoke haze lingers over Greater Springfield

A pall of smoke from yesterday's bushfire is still hanging over the suburbs of Springfield Lakes, Augustine Heights and Brookwater.
The fire was reportedly brought under control late yesterday by the Rural Fire Brigade but today's winds may reignite the fire in the Conservation Corridor off  the Springfield - Greenbank Arterial.
Asthma sufferers should take all necessary precautions.

16 September 2011

Bushfire in Springfield Wildlife Corridor

Ipswich City Council has received notification that there is a fire in the Springfield Wildlife Corridor. 

The Rural Fire Brigade is in attendance.
Further advice in relation to the fire will be provided as Council receives any updates or notifications.

15 September 2011

Why won't the Goodna Police move this wrecked vehicle?

PIC: Wrecked vehicle sitting for 10 days on Bertha St Goodna, despite pleas to the police to get it moved.

You would think the Police would make every effort to get this wrecked vehicle off our roads but 10 days after it crashed in the middle of the night, it is still sitting in Bertha St Goodna as a testament to a night of alleged drunken driving.

The driver disappeared from the scene and was quickly nabbed by police for alleged drink driving, thanks to the efforts of an alert local resident.

But despite calls from local people and the Ipswich City Council, the cops have refused to classify this giant piece of scrap metal as a safety hazard which means it can sit there forever, with the Council powerless to move it.

Despite the fact that this wrecked vehicle is abutting a narrow section of road and is a visual distraction to thousands of drivers every day, it is amazing the police are still refusing to allow it to be moved.

In Queensland, Councils have the power to remove vehicles only if they are a safety hazard or if they have been "abandoned" - a quaint legal term which doesn't apply in this case.

So, why are the Goodna Police refusing to classify this car wreck as a safety hazard?

No one seems to know but Council officers are working assisduously to convince the police that this hazard needs to be removed immediately.

It could have been removed over a week ago if the Goodna Police had given the green light.

Local Councillor Paul Tully has called on the police to exercise some commonsense in this matter.

"This wrecked vehicle needs to removed quickly because it is a distraction to drivers and could cause another accident," Cr Tully said.

09 September 2011

Serious accident at Redbank

A collision between a tanker and a sedan has closed the overhead rail bridge at Brisbane Terrace Redbank.

The accident occurred near the roundabout at the corner of Brisbane Road and Bridge St Redbank adjacent to the Redbank Railway Station.
Police, QFRS and Ipswich City Council officers are in attendance.

The Brisbane Terrace connection from Goodna to Redbank is closed.

Drivers should use the Ipswich Motorway or the Smiths Road link.

Caltex servo re-opens at Goodna

The Caltex service station and Star Mart have re-opened at Brisbane Road Goodna.

It's looking good.

Severe thunderstorm warning just issued

Queensland Severe Thunderstorm Warning:

Damaging Winds. Ipswich, Kingaroy, Boonah, Crows Nest, Yarraman, Forest Lake, Highvale areas at risk.

Flood-affected property prices on the way up after highly-successful auction at Goodna

The house in Lower William St Goodna which sold for $226,000 at Ray White's Goodna auction.

Ipswich's flood-affected property prices are set to make a dramatic move back to pre-flood figures after a successful auction at Goodna.

A flood-ravaged home in Lower William Street has sold for $226,000 which was $41,000 above the reserve price.

It was marketed by Ray White Goodna.

The home which is on 3035 square metres has not been restored since the flood and the new owners plan to fully renovate the building.

The property is located between Woogaroo Street and Brisbane Terrace in one of the hardest hit parts of the suburb where floodwaters went over the the roof of the house on January 11.

Local Councillor Paul Tully described the sale as "good news for Goodna and Ipswich".

"This property has not been restored since the flood eight months ago, so the market for renovated properties is obviously much higher and closer to pre-flood prices."

Cr Tully said Doomsday forecasters had predicted a massive property slump for years following the flood which devastated thousands of properties in Ipswich and Brisbane.

"There is still a fair way to go but cashed-up buyers are injecting fresh confidence in the local property market which is fantastic for those people selling their flood-damaged properties.

"This latest auction is a confidence boost for the property market in the flood affected areas of Brisbane and Ipswich," Cr Tully said.

Channel 10's Renovators Program coming to Goodna this Sunday

Greg Owens with daughter Hannah (left) and Janet
with daughter Chloe thank the Renovators for their
newly-restored home at Goodna

Channel 10's Renovators program comes to Goodna this weekend with a surprise visit to a couple who lost their home in the flood of January 11.

Greg and Janet Owens had been living in a caravan since the flood at the rear of their Woogaroo Street property with their daughters Hannah, 1 and Chloe 7 months when the Renovators' host Brendan Moar tapped on their door to tell them there were more than 30 contestants and tradies outside ready to start work on their house.

In less than a week, the house was transformed into a fully renovated home with no hint of the devastating flood which hit Ipswich and Brisbane eight months ago on Sunday.

The family was moved to rented accommodation in Ipswich as the record-breaking restoration continued inside and out as well as new fences, pathways and gardens.

Renovators' contestants who had been eliminated in earlier programs were brought back for the special one-hour program.

Local Councillor Paul Tully who nominated the project to the Renovators worked with volunteers from Habitat for Humanity to restore the garden and other outside areas during the filming.
"The floodwaters went over the roof of their home and the family lost almost everything last January.
"It was hard on Greg and Janet with their two young babies in their caravan in the heat of summer and this year's freezing winter at Goodna."

Cr Tully, who also lost his home at Goodna in the flood, said Sunday's program would be a real "tear-jerker".
"This is one piece of good news for the suburb as Goodna slowly recovers from the worst flood in 37 years."
The program goes to air on Sunday at 6.30pm on Channel 10.

02 September 2011

DNA test may solve Ipswich link to Kelly Gang

THE TRUTH about whether bushranger Dan Kelly, brother of Ned, is truly buried in the Ipswich Cemetery is now one step closer to being revealed.

Cr Paul Tully standing at the site in the Ipswich cemetery where Dan Kelly, Ned's brother, is thought to be buried.


THE TRUTH about whether bushranger Dan Kelly, brother of Ned, is truly buried in the Ipswich Cemetery is now one step closer to being revealed.

Ipswich councillor and historian Paul Tully has raised the prospect of an exhumation of the remains of James Ryan, who claimed to be the bushranger Dan Kelly until his death in 1948.

Cr Tully's call has come in the wake of news that remains exhumed from Pentridge Prison in Melbourne are those of Ned Kelly, who was hanged in 1880.

Doctors and scientists at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine confirmed the find.

The standard history is that Dan Kelly died in the fire at Glenrowan Inn along with fellow bushranger Steve Hart on June 28, 1880.

But that was turned in its head when a man walked into the offices of The Truth newspaper in 1933 claiming to be Dan Kelly.

He maintained the story until his death – that he had escaped the fire and made his way to Ipswich – and convinced many locals of his story in the Fernvale area, where he lived.

Tully, who has been hot on the trail of the possible Queensland connection to the Kelly Gang for more than 20 years, said yesterday's DNA confirmation of the identity of Ned made the exhumation of the Ryan remains at the Ipswich Cemetery an issue worth exploring.

"This now gives us the definite opportunity of comparing the DNA," Cr Tully said.

"The state government needs to give approval.

"There was a claim that Steve Hart was buried in Toowoomba and there was an exhumation of a grave up there years ago – so it wouldn't be the first time a supposed bushranger's grave was reopened."

Tully said the bodies that were retrieved from the Glenrowan fire were burnt beyond recognition and never officially identified.

The man claiming to be Dan Kelly always said that he and Hart had been taken in by a German couple before heading north.

In light of other information, Cr Tully said the final resting place of Dan Kelly could well be in the pauper's section of the Ipswich Cemetery "where the Ipswich Council has erected a memorial to this man who died penniless and without any family or friends".

Gailes man charged over serious assault on police officer in Queen Street Mall

by Queensland Police Service on Friday, 02 September 2011 at 00:46

Two men will face court this morning following the alleged assault of a police officer at Brisbane yesterday afternoon.

 Around 3.45pm, an officer attended a business in Queen Street for an unrelated matter when two men became involved in a disturbance.

 Whilst speaking with the men, it is alleged one of the men struck the officer several times in the jaw.

 While attempting to restrain the man, it is further alleged the officer was struck a number of times by the second man.

 The officer, a male Senior Constable, sustained bruising and abrasions.

 A 17-year-old Birkdale man has been charged with one count each of serious assault, trespass and contravene direction.

 A 17-year-old Gailes Man has been charged with serious assault.

 Both men will appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

01 September 2011

Storm strips jacarandas bare at Goodna

 AS IF the floods weren't damaging enough, storms have wreaked havoc on Goodna's iconic jacaranda trees.

A storm yesterday has left Goodna's jacaranda trees without their flowers, leaving doubt as to whether they will form their usual colourful backdrop (right) as this year's Jacaranda Festival.

AS IF the floods weren't damaging enough, storms have wreaked havoc on Goodna's iconic jacaranda trees.

Ipswich councillor Paul Tully said the trees had been stripped of their new foliage, raising concerns that the upcoming annual Jacaranda Festival in October might be a flowerless event.

Cr Tully said many of the trees had lost their pre-spring leaves in less than 15 minutes at the height of the storm on Tuesday afternoon.

But with the Jacaranda Festival set to be the first one after January's devastating flood disaster, Cr Tully said he was hoping a sea of purple foliage would bloom in time for the event.

"This year's festival was due to be the biggest and brightest ever as the suburb slowly gets back to normality after January's flood," Cr Tully said.

"I am quietly confident with the start of spring tomorrow that these trees, which will be 80 years old next year, will survive and produce an abundance of purple flowers.

"The storm may have hit the trees but the Goodna community will bounce back and hopefully the annual purple haze will grace the streets of Goodna again this year.

"We have two months for them to get going. A lot can happen in two months."

He said the avenue of trees on Brisbane Terrace was planted by work gangs in 1932 during the Great Depression and have survived the floods of 1955, 1974 and 2011.

Until Tuesday's storm, Cr Tully said they were shaping up well for the festival.

"Some of them still have a bit of vegetation. Up until the storm, I thought it would be an early flowering," he said.

"Some died in the floods, some of the ones on Woogaroo St, but they weren't as big as the ones on Brisbane Terrace."

The wet weather is expected to continue for a while yet, with predictions of above average rainfall this spring in Queensland.

The Weather Channel's chief meteorologist, Dick Whitaker, said he expected near average temperatures to continue through spring but above average rainfall should return to most of Queensland.

And according to the Bureau of Meteorology, Ipswich can expect more rain this week with days of showers expected.

Today is expected to be fine but a shower of two is expected ever day until Tuesday at the very least.

The 2011 Jacaranda Festival will be held at Evan Marginson Park, Goodna, from October 28-30.

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