25 August 2011

Logan City Fire: Paul Tully, who lived next door to Lale family at Goodna, recalls fond memories of his old neighbours


Family memories

Friends and family remember the victims of the Slacks Creek house fire tragedy.

fire family

Victims of the tragic house fire: Fusi Taufa, Annamaria Taufa with her children Kalahnie Taufa and Lahaina Taufa, Lafoai Lale, Ardelle Lee and Neti Lale. Jerry Lale, Paul Lale, Richie Lale and Sela Lale. Source: The Daily Telegraph

Jeremiah Lale

Fire survivor Jeremiah Lale (in purple) is comforted by family.

IPSWICH city councillor Paul Tully lived next door to the Lale family in Goodna up until they moved out toward the end of 2010. Here, he recalls a well-respected, friendly family.

"The Lale family was well respected in Goodna.

They were a happy, Christian family whose music and friendship permeated the local atmosphere at their Layard Street home.

The Lale children loved life and played happily.  They ... were the sweetest and most-polite kids in the suburb.

I know because they were my neighbours for a number of years until they moved out last year.

My young boys would jump the Lale fence to sneak through their property to get to the local corner store.

The power of television was evident with the younger Lale kids who would often call out : "Hey, Mr Paul Tully".

That made me feel good and I think they somehow felt good living next to the local councillor.

Now, all is silent.

Their former home at Goodna was destroyed by January's flood and their home at Logan City is now a burnt out shell.

Life can be very cruel and the loss of children of tender ages is especially tragic.

May you all rest in peace and may your Dad's inner strength guide him over the many lonely days and nights ahead.

The people of Goodna will never forget the Lale children's happy smiles and the joy and happiness of their proud parents."

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