21 July 2011

Rugby League shock: Channel 9 knocks Ipswich for six

On page 77 of today's Courier-Mail, Channel 9 is reported as having "a clear preference" for a second Brisbane NRL team.

Despite the fact that the western corridor is the fastest-growing region in Australia with its own NRL bid based on Ipswich, Channel 9 has tried to punt a 40/20 and lost.

A second Brisbane team would be a disaster for the Broncos and its legion of fans whereas an Ipswich - Logan - Toowoomba team with feeder links through Ipswich Brothers to the rest of the state would provide a major boost to Rugby League in Queensland.

Channel 9 has kicked Ipswich in the groin over its reported decision to back a second Brisbane NRL team when the only rational option is the western corridor bid.

NRL boss David Gallop should tell Channel 9 boss David Gyngell to shove it up his jumper.

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