22 June 2011

Fire Ants on the march around Ipswich

Media Release from Ipswich City Councillor Paul Tully

42 new fire ant infestations have been officially declared around southeast Queensland.

The new sites are listed in newspaper advertisements today in Brisbane and Ipswich.

Eighteen of the newly identified fire ant infestations are in the Ipswich area with new sites discovered at Redbank Plains, North Ipswich, North Booval and Leichhardt.

Ipswich Councillor Paul Tully warned 10 years ago when the fire ants were first discovered in Australia they would never be stopped.

Cr Tully said the latest spread of the deadly fire ant was very disturbing with almost half of the new sites located around Ipswich.

"The new sites around Ipswich are all close to residential areas.

"Unfortunately, a degree of complacency has crept into the community who have forgotten about the serious dangers posed by fire ants.

Cr Tully called on an urgent increase in federal and state government funding to stop the spread of fire ants.

"If they are not stopped now, they will cross the New South Wales border in a few years.

"Imported species such as rabbits, cane toads and foxes have never been stopped and the march of the fire ants will not be halted unless a new major effort starts now."

Cr Tully said residents were invited to his Goodna electorate office where a collection of dead fire ants of various ages and sizes were on display to help members of the public identify possible infestations.

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