10 April 2011

Three teenagers dead after collision at intersection at Goodna

crash pic

Three teenagers were killed in a shocking crash at an intersection in Goodna on Friday night.

A BIZARRE chain of events has left three teenage friends dead in a sickening crash on their way home from a night of fun at Dreamworld.

Brittany Bramwell, 17, from Raceview, Matthew Prior, 18, from Redbank Plains and Nicholas Saxby, 16, from Brassall, had spent the evening at the Gold Coast theme park's night-time drawcard, Screamworld.

But their young lives were cut brutally short when the Mitsubishi Lancer sedan they were travelling in was wiped out in a horrific collision with a Toyota HiLux utility at Goodna about 11pm Friday.

It emerged on Sunday that the ute driver - whose name was not revealed - was allegedly fleeing attackers who had stormed into his nearby home and bashed him.

The devastated family of Matthew led tributes for the three young friends.

"He was just a happy, friendly kid. He just loved having fun. We're not doing too good," emotional dad Frank told The Sunday Mail.

Matthew, a car fanatic and apprentice mechanic at Kmart, and Brittany died at the scene, at the corner of Bertha St and Brisbane Rd, and Nicholas died later in Princess Alexandra Hospital.

The car was being driven by Brittany's boyfriend of two years, Alex Mayfield, 17. He miraculously escaped with non-life-threatening injuries and was in a stable condition in the PA Hospital last night.

Family friend Sarah Halliwell said Brittany lost her mum to cancer nine years ago.

"Brittany and Alex were perfect for each other," friend Nicole Frankish said. "Wherever he was, she was. He took care of her after her mum died."

It was believed that just before the accident, the HiLux driver was at a family gathering in Bertha St, a few hundred metres from the crash site.

Witness William Jones said two strangers arrived and began attacking the man, in what was believed to be a dispute over a woman.

Police were called but the man drove off.

"I heard a big bang. I've never heard anything like it," Mr Jones said.

It was believed two other men in the Hilux fled the scene. The driver was in the PA Hospital in a stable condition last night.

Police said they were seeking to identify people "involved in an altercation" with the HiLux driver.

Friends of the dead trio on Sunday left bunches of flowers at the site of the crash.


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