09 April 2011

Residents' anger boils over as McDonald's breaks the law at Bellbird Park

The new McDonald's store at Bellbird Park sparks anger from local residents.

Residents are up in arms at Bellbird Park as McDonald's powers ahead with its new store on Redbank Plains Road, opposite Dan Murphys.

The approval for the development clearly states that the hours of construction are 6.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Saturday.

This morning they were hard at it at 5.20am walking up adults and children in the surrounding neighbourhood.

You would think that a company like McDonald's and its contractors both with years of experience would be able to get simple things like this right.

But no, the residents of Bellbird Park have had to put up with a cacophony of noise which would make the Vuvuzelas at the World Cup in South Africa sound like a pin drop.

Today's effort is a real black mark against McDonald's.

One resident writes:

"I would like to express my extreme dismay due the noise from the cement trucks and men working on the McDonald's construction site which started at 5:20am this morning Saturday 9/4/2011. 

The idling of the cement truck outside my grandson's bedroom woke him and this is unacceptable.

I had already been to visit the site earlier this week asking the site manager to instruct his men to stop parking their vehicles up against our fence next to the bedroom windows.

They have been arriving on site all week at 5:30am and parking in the easement behind our property. 

Their noise and chatter in the morning has woken my granddaughter 3 times the week previous - much earlier than her normal get up time. 

There is no road there although one day it will be. The street at present it is an easement not a road access or parking lot.
The development application clearly states: "No construction can commence before 6:30am".

I am not aware of any changes to that regulation.
I would like the Council to address this manner seriously as the unnecessary waking of the grandchildren is unacceptable; they are not being considerate to their residential neighbours and it is against the approved building approval to commence construction work this early in the morning. 

I have registered a complaint with the Council's after hours emergency number."
McDonald's owes the local residents one big apology.

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