03 March 2011

Senator, come see Ipswich disaster: MP

IPSWICH MP and acting state Treasurer Rachel Nolan has invited Senator Nick Xenophon to inspect the reality of flood and cyclone damage across the state.

Senator Xenophon is the hold-out vote delaying acceptance of the flood levy designed to help Queenslanders, and yesterday indicated he wouldn't support it without changes to Australian's longstanding natural disaster relief arrangements.

"Senator Xenophon may be enjoying his moment in the Canberra sun," Ms Nolan said, "but Queenslanders need the help of their fellow Australians, and they need it now.

"I invite the Senator to come to Queensland – to visit people in my electorate who are living in homes with no internal walls and to tell them why he doesn't think this is a disaster of national proportions.

"Across Queensland people are facing the reality of houses with no roofs, of damaged roads, and of local councils hit hard by the financial impact of this flood.

"Queenslanders have unquestioningly chipped in when other states have required natural disaster relief arrangements. If Senator Xenophon thinks helping us is not a good idea, then I invite him here to tell us why."

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