12 March 2011

Goodna flood looter placed on community service

A MAN who looted an Ipswich pub for a few cans of alcohol during the floods has been ordered to perform community service.

Joshua Ross Redding pleaded guilty to looting.

Staff from Goodna's Weeroona Hotel were evacuated on January 11 and the hotel suffered severe damage as a result of the flood which caused the electrical doors to remain open.

As the floodwaters receded, some alcohol from the bar floated out the damaged doors and onto the lawn and road.

While the hotel was still vulnerable, Joshua Ross Redding and others took advantage of the situation to steal some alcohol.

Redding, 18, and a man and woman walked down the Ipswich Motorway on January 13 at 2.30pm to the hotel.

Ipswich Magistrates Court heard Redding was loading pre-mixed cans of alcohol from the road into an esky when police arrived.

Redding told police he "was unaware his actions were illegal".

Prosecutor Sergeant Jo Colston said police had been overwhelmed ensuring the safety of the community and were taken away from essential duties.

Redding pleaded guilty to stealing by looting and was ordered to perform 120 hours unpaid community service.

No conviction was recorded.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said his client did not realise the seriousness of his actions at the time but now understood.

"It was thoughtless," Mr Fairclough said.

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