Further storms could bring up to 100mm of rain to Brisbane today, with potential for flash flooding.

The dreary forecast follows overnight storms that dumped more than 60 millimetres of rain over some parts of the city, while strong winds cut power to 15,000 properties.
This morning power had been restored to all but 100 homes and businesses in the Brisbane Valley.
Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Michael Knepp said storms were due to roll into Brisbane by mid-afternoon, with showers set to continue throughout the day, ahead of a fine southerly change on the weekend.

"Today won't be nice, but conditions should improve tomorrow," he said.
However, Mr Knepp said while today's storms would bring heavy rain, they were unlikely to be as fierce as last night's, when there were 5000 lightning strikes recorded over the city.

"They will bring a bit of a rumble and heavy rain, but not much more, because of the cloud cover," he said.
Overnight, Lytton in Brisbane's inner-south received the heaviest falls of 65 millimetres of rain, while Brisbane Airport received 55 millimetres.

Holland Park West in the city's south received 52 millimetres, Chandler 38 millimetres and Burbank 37 millimetres.

Elsewhere in the southeast, up to 100 millimetres of rain could fall in some parts today causing possible flash flooding.

A southerly change on the weekend is expected to bring some reprieve from the humid conditions.

Temperatures are expected to top 29 degrees today, before dipping to 27 degrees over the weekend.