28 February 2011

Releases continue at Wivenhoe Dam

THE controlled release to draw down Wivenhoe Dam's drinking water compartment to 75 per cent is continuing.

The strategic release of water from Wivenhoe Dam is continuing. The Water Grid Manager says people need to be take note of change the release has caused.

THE controlled release to draw down Wivenhoe Dam's drinking water compartment to 75 per cent is continuing.

A spokesman for the Water Grid manager said the current release rate was 380 cubic metres per second, which was not expected to change for the next couple of days.

The strategy as announced last week is to improve flood mitigation as a precaution for the remainder of the wet season, subject to weather and further inflows.

The dam operators planned to release 25 per cent of the Wivenhoe's drinking-water capacity to mitigate against further flooding this year.

Twin Bridges, Savages Crossing and Colleges Crossing will likely be closed to all traffic during the Wivenhoe Dam release period.

Affected councils have been consulted on these impacts and alternative routes are in place for each of the closures.

These include Mt Crosby Weir, which is open as an alternative to Colleges Crossing, for local traffic only.

All non-local traffic is advised to use Mount Crosby Road, Warrego Highway and Ipswich Motorway.

See for any changes to road access or traffic conditions over this period.

Members of the public seeking information on potential impacts in their local areas should direct inquiries to their local council.

For the latest information on Seqwater lakes open to permitted recreation activities, always check the website -

Recreation users at all lakes need to remain vigilant for submerged hazards and debris in the lakes. Vessels should be operated in the safest possible manner.

Dam users are advised to consult the boating page of the Seqwater website for further details.

The Spillway Lookout recreation area will remain closed until further notice due to significant infrastructure damage.

O'Shea's Crossing, the Spillway Lookout and Billies Bay / Hays Landing recreation areas at Lake Wivenhoe remain closed until further notice.

O'Shea's Crossing recreation area was reopened on Saturday.

The access road to the Billies Bay/Hays Landing site has been closed by the Somerset Regional Council to enable inspection for damage on the bridge and road.

Access to Lake Wivenhoe is available via other recreation areas.

Cormorant Bay recreation area will be closed all day tomorrow so maintenance works can be performed.

Other recreation areas at Lake Wivenhoe, including Logan Inlet day use area will be open for public use tomorrow.

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