16 February 2011

Redbank Plains Pony Club merges with Bremer Hack and Pony Club

Savanah Jorna with Melissa and Deanna Ohnsorge on Azzi,
Red and Phantom. They are part of the new City of Ipswich Pony Club.

 A NEW pony club has been formed in Ipswich after years of indecision about the future of existing clubs.

The long-standing Redbank Plains Goodna Pony Club and The Bremer Hack and Pony Club have merged to become the City of Ipswich Pony Club.

This newly-established organisation will use Bremer's grounds at South Deebing Creek Road, Yamanto, until new grounds are secured.

A free muster last Saturday was the first time members rode together as the City of Ipswich club.

President Allen Zahnow said the club was still on "shaky ground" in terms of a venue.

A consultant was called in to assess the future of Ipswich pony clubs last year.

"He said there should be a pony club in the west and the east of Ipswich," Mr Zahnow said.

"There should be two clubs, and land found to establish the new group.

"Redbank Plains club was disappearing through development and Karalee club is staying where it is."

Three years ago, Ipswich City Council tried to encourage all of the area's pony clubs to use a citywide equestrian centre at Rosewood.

The Swanbank industrial estate buffer zone has more recently been suggested as the best site for the new club.

"It'll be a lot of work for the club to establish there," Mr Zahnow said. "The Pony Club Association of Queensland has said it will assist us."

The City of Ipswich Pony Club will hold an open sports day on March 6 from 8.30am at Yamanto.

For details on membership, musters or any of the club's events, contact Mr Zahnow on 0429 029 759.

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