25 February 2011

People of Goodna hard hit by newsagent closure: No paper deliveries for a month, as Gailes newsagent steps in to help

The Goodna Newsagency at St Ives Shopping Centre in Smiths Road was totally devastated by the flood of January 11.

It sits all forlorn in the middle of the shopping centre with nothing apparently happening to get it up and running, even though it is more than 6 weeks since the flood.

For over a month, the people of Goodna did not have any newspaper home deliveries.

Belatedly, Queensland Newspapers (QNP) has arranged for delivery of The Courier-Mail through the Gailes Newsagent but customers cannot open an account with the Gailes outlet.

Local residents are forced to open an online account with Queensland Newspapers.

Bad luck if you don't have ready access to a computer.

QNP is apparently blaming The Queensland Times for not offering the same service which is absolutely disgraceful as QNP has a stranglehold over newsagents via the ACCC.

The sooner the ACCC breaks the existing newsagent monopoly and cosy arrangements with large metropolitan publishers the better.

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