19 February 2011

Marburg weather radar goes back into monitoring for SEQ after lightning strike

PEOPLE who visited the Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) website and saw a radar station was out of action might have thought it was worn out.
The weather radar at Marburg has certainly been popular lately as thousands log on to see what weather is coming next.
But when they clicked on after February 7 they were greeted with a message saying the Marburg radar service was out of action due to technical or equipment problems.
A BoM spokeswoman said the weather radar was the victim of a weather event.
"On Monday, February 7, a storm passed over Marburg radar, causing damage by a suspected nearby lightning strike," the spokeswoman said.
"Engineering and operational staff attended to the radar to ascertain what parts were needed to restore service.Repairs were completed on Tuesday."
She said that during the eight days the Marburg radar was under repair the region was covered by the Mt Stapylton radar.
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