26 February 2011

Goodna flood tragedy, now mum's missing in Christchurch NZ

MORE WORRY: Andrew and Penny Devine who lost everything in recent floods have also been unable to contact Andrew's mother Judith, who lives in a nursing home in Christchurch.
ONE of the few mementos Penny and Andrew Devine managed to salvage from their Goodna home after the Brisbane floods was a picture of his mother, Judith Devine.
That photo is more precious than ever as the 74-year-old is listed among the missing in Christchurch's earthquake.
It is believed she was evacuated from her aged care home on the city's eastside, but her family has not been able to trace her and fears the worst.
"No one knows where she could be," Mrs Devine said.
"I even called the police senior sergeant but he just doesn't know."
The New Zealand-born couple lost everything when floodwaters engulfed their Goodna duplex last month and now live in a friend's garage, furnished with a donated bed and borrowed essentials.
Mrs Devine said their insurance company was yet to determine if a payout would be granted.
 To make matters worse, the Devines are still awaiting flood relief payments from the Premier's Disaster Appeal fund.
"We've had to struggle and fight and make millions of phone calls to get anywhere," she said. "It shouldn't be so hard because we've been through enough already."
But there was good news amid the couple's recent run of bad luck, with Mrs Devine's three children aged 21, 19 and 17 phoning from Christchurch to reassure her that they had survived.
"It's unbelievable," she said.
"I've been watching the news and everything that I identify Christchurch with is gone.
"There's nothing recognisable left."

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