10 February 2011

Goodna Flood News: 'We'll be back soon' says MP Jo-Ann Miller

GOODNA-based politician Jo-Ann Miller says the flood-ruined suburb her electoral office sits in will return to its former glory within three to four months.

While part of the region still resembles the aftermath of a bomb blast, State Member for Bundamba Ms Miller said it would not take too long to get most areas experiencing normality again.

St Ives shopping centre now has tenants and the Goodna Eagles clubhouse has improved dramatically and the ground may yet host Ipswich Rugby League fixtures next month.

Unfortunately most homes around the Royal Mail on Brisbane Terrace are still abandoned and in ruin.

The majority of the suburb's home owners and businesses were not insured for river flooding.

"I don't think it will be aslong as many are predicting to get the suburb back in shape," Ms Miller said.

"The community of Goodna is unique, and they are such hard-working people that life will be back to normal in a few months; I'm sure of it.

"Life will go on and the businesses will again be thriving."

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