20 February 2011

Anna Bligh comes to Goodna

After the devastating flood of 11 January 2011, Anna Bligh made it to Goodna this afternoon to the Recovery BBQ and Concert in Layard Street.
She promised help for the Goodna RSL Services Club to re-build.

She said she will be back.
Today's concert concludes at 7pm with a massive fireworks display.

1 comment:

  1. Funding is going to be available to help rebuild the Goodna RSL. But they have now taken back the offers that had been made before the Jan floods occured to buyback floodprone homes on Enid and Mill street Goodna after many homes were flooded within hours by the fast rising water during the Nov 2007 storms. I'm now being told no funding available in the trust to buyback anymore homes.


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