23 January 2011

Premier and Minister for the Arts

The Honourable Anna Bligh


Queenslanders who can repair flood damage free to get on with the job

Premier Anna Bligh has urged flood-affected Queenslanders who are able to repair their homes to feel free to get to work without any restrictions from the State Government or the Queensland Reconstruction Authority.

Ms Bligh said Queenslanders in flood areas with homes which were able to undergo repairs - such as rewiring or re-sheeting - would face no intervention in getting on with the job.

However the Premier said those with houses that had sustained structural damage and needed to be rebuilt would need to work with their local council to obtain the necessary approvals before re-building could commence.

"If you have cleaned up the mess and want to start on the path of returning to normality by repairing your kitchen I would urge you to do so," Ms Bligh said.

"I want to assure all those Queenslanders who have sustained damage through this tragedy that there will be no restriction from the State Government in that type of work.

"Structural damage however is a different matter and if your home has sustained significant structural damage that will require significant rebuilding, you will need to approach your local council to go through the approval processes.

"This is about getting on with the job of getting Queenslanders back on track once the mud and the rubbish has cleared.

"This is about getting things back to normal and getting there as quickly as we possibly can.

"The Queensland Reconstruction Authority headed by Major General Mick Slater will not be interfering with those people who want to replace their damaged floorboards or walls or fix the balustrades on their balconies, so they can re-occupy their homes.

"The Authority is about the medium to long-term - those properties and infrastructure that as a result of flooding will need to be rebuilt."

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