10 January 2011

Greater Goodna flood update

Lower James St Goodna is 1 metre below flood level and rising.

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  1. Why did it take so long for Goodna and Gailes to get a look at both ends of Newman st Gailes were under water know body had come to let us know that we may have to leave due to water coming in to our homes we had to take it on ourselves to find a safe place to go as we had know knowledge of where any safe places that we could go as we drove around for hours trying to find a safe place to spend the night but we happened to spend the night with family but we had come back the next morning to see if we still had a home to go as houses next to us where under water but we where one of the lucky ones our house was fine so we tried to make the best of things our power was on still then as we just started cleaning the fridge out and putting the new food in energex was going around turning the power off we told energex that we had had power the hole time and that know body had come to fell us in on any thing that was going on around the place and that we had to act on thing ourselves.look i could go on and on so please tell me how this has happened and why was Gailes / Goodna left out in the cold for so long yes there are people hear now but some days later please let us know thank you


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