10 January 2011

Goodna Flood Update

A sewer main overflows beneath the Ipswich Motorway at Goodna into an already swollen Woogaroo Creek.

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  1. Paul,
    It might be a bit early for this, but why can't we try to build a more flood resistant Goodna for our future? I know the Mwy is State Govt but the water went further over that than it did the road in 1974. The new mega-bucks pedestrian bridge over mwy got flooded out - and people had to rely on the old functional one - that's about to get demolished. It's another reminder of what works and what doesn't. Can we take heed and work towards applying what works and avoiding what doesn't? Flooding might be infrequent but it will happen again. It doesn't take too much to make the next inevitable flood safer... why not do as much we can, within reason?


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